A Review of Filter Queen Vacuum Cleaners

The Filter Queen canister vacuum is an excellent value. When you consider that they are built to last for decades, they can be a cost effective choice. These vacuums offer an excellent method to keep your entire home clean and dust free. The world famous “cyclonic” action creates an effective cleaning system. I have personally … Read more

Soda Bottle Golf Game for Kids

You’ll need plenty of things to keep the kids busy this summer. During the hottest part of the day kids can be indoors creating new games, and when it cools off in the evening, they can go outside and play with the new games. One of those games can be a crazy new golf game … Read more

Guide to 2009 Tax Brackets

Depending on what tax bracket you fall under, you could lower your federal income tax bill and save money. You must take further action by December 31, 2008 or you’ll lose that saving opportunity. There are many resources on the web with information on tax brackets for filing in 2009. Here is a guide to … Read more

Wicked Weasel Bathing Suits

My daughter recently had a group of friends over for her 14th birthday party. They all were talking about the latest fads and gadgets. The talk came up of all the girls going to the beach. One asked the other if she had a wicked weasel yet. I was very confused, as was my daughter. … Read more

A Night at the Dirt Track Races

The night started off with getting ready and getting up to watch the race. If you have never been to a dirt track race then the one in Tazewell, TN is definitely the place to be. First if you are coming from Knoxville, TN or the surrounding counties you might want to take the easiest … Read more

Do it Yourself Camping Cot Bunk

When it comes to camping, there is no better way to be comfortable than with a camping cot. However, if you have numerous people trying to share a tent or small cabin, then it can be challenging trying to find sleeping spaces for everyone. A homemade camping cot bunk can end that issue and will … Read more

J.K Rowling Vs. Stephenie Meyer

Harry Potter author J.K Rowling has reportedly turned down the chance to present an award at this year’s Oscars ceremony. She claims she is too busy writing to attend the star studded event, where she was offered the opportunity to present an award with Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. On J.K Rowling’s official website, she is … Read more

Best Dim Sum in New York City’s Chinatown

New York City’s Chinatown offers the best and widest selection of options for dim sum of any city in America. Chinatown is home to the largest concentration of Asians in the western hemisphere and is one of the most distinguished parts of the biggest city in the country. As a result, Chinatown’s restaurants cater to … Read more