Do You Miss Vioxx for Your Pain? Try Devil’s Claw

Devil’s claw (Harpagophytum procumbens) is a South African native plant used for a sedative and an anti-inflammatory for illnesses such as osteoarthritis and rheumatism. The plant is also known as the Grapple Plant or Wood Spider plant. It goes by Devil’s claw for the claw type seed pod it has and some Africans has traditionally … Read more

Thai Smile 2 in Muncie, Indiana

Thai Smile 2 of Muncie, Indiana is a charming little restaurant featuring authentic Thai food. It’s a popular restaurant in the area, and for good reason. Let’s start with the facts. Like most traditional Thai restaurants, it does keep hours that aren’t traditional for American diners. Monday through Friday, the restaurant is open for lunch … Read more

Kokomo’s Island Cafe: A Choice Restaurant in the Mall of America

Kokomo’s Island Cafe is located in the Mall of America. The city of Minneapolis is approximately 10 miles away from the Mall of America. Kokomo’s Island CafĂ© 319 South Avenue Mall of America Bloomington, Minnesota 55425 Telephone: 952-698-3072 The Mall of America is a popular destination for Minneapolis tourists and Minneapolis residents. The Mall … Read more

Garage Improvement

Every man loves his garage; however, so often most of the money goes into improving the interior of the home, the backyard, or even just tools to place in the garage. Here are several ideas using innovative products that can improve your garage both aesthetically and funcationally. 1. Wayne Dalton I-Drive Torsion opener – Ever … Read more

Toxic Shock Syndrome Prevention

Toxic Shock Syndrome is a very serious condition experienced by individuals. Many people have died because of Toxic Shock Syndrome in the past. This article is being written in hopes of raising awareness about Toxic Shock Syndrome and to education people everywhere. The good news about Toxic Shock Syndrome is that it is preventable and … Read more

How to Plan a Class Reunion

Perhaps ten years have flown by or maybe it’s only five; but it’s time to start planning a high school class reunion. A good party may take a year to organize; but to start planning longer than that is not recommended. Here’s a few steps to take to help keep that planning machine running smoothly. … Read more

How to Learn How to Play Pool Well

So many instructional books and articles for various skills give specific fundamentals and assume they are universal. Really… you’re not going to become a good pool player by reading this or any article or book. You may, however, improve your game by applying some basic guidelines and practicing solid fundamentals. This is a universal truth! … Read more

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Under $50

If you’re planning a wedding on a dime, expensive bridesmaid gifts might be outside your budget. But before you decide not to give the traditional bridesmaid gifts, consider budget-friendly options. Here are some bridesmaid gifts under $50, perfect for brides on a budget. Remember, it’s not about giving the most expensive gift you can. Chances … Read more