A Collection of Father’s Day Poems

Father’s Day Poem: Dad Your strong arms swung me in the air. Now that I’m older your arms are still there. You worked hard to earn family money, But never hesitated to ask, “How much you need, honey?” Hard work and calloused hands remind me of you. You worked so hard doing what you had … Read more

Busted: Www.USSearch.Com

In times when many people have closed their wallets tighter than an ants anus, it hurts even more to get scammed for your hard earned money. As I found myself plagued with calls from a strange out of state number, I tried to look up the number online, hoping it would turn up for some … Read more

The Benefits of Coconut Oil in Black Hair Care

Coconut oil has many benefits for black and textured hair types. Over the years, considerable coconut oil research has been conducted to better understand the oil and its benefits in hair care. Recent research points to coconut oil’s benefits as both a sealant and hair protein reconstructor of sorts. These protein reconstructor benefits are especially … Read more

Tips for Buying a Weed Eater

One of the greatest tools for saving time on lawn care is a weed eater. Weed eaters can cut down your lawn care time significantly and free up more of your time to do fun things that you enjoy…or just to sit back and enjoy your nicely manicured lawn. When choosing a weed eater there … Read more

Houston Restaurant Review: Thai Bistro

Reviews say: “As good as it gets. . . ” “This is Thai done right!” “Excellent, Reliable, Thai Threats!” This restaurant has also been noted as one of the best Thai restaurants in Houston, Texas and has been featured in Ultimate Houston 2007. Thai Bistro is obviously not a here today, gone tomorrow restaurant as … Read more

How to Patch a Hole in Your Wall

So the kids were horsing around and now you have a hole in your wall. Don’t despair. Making the repair is a fairly easy do-it-yourself project. Read the following guide to find out how to patch a hole in the wall. INSTRUCTIONS FOR REPAIRING SMALL HOLES To repair small holes, you will need the following … Read more