21 Things I like About the SFI Affiliate Program and 2 I Don’t

The SFI affiliate program is one of, and maybe, the largest affiliate program in the world with over 9 million affiliates. That is an astounding number for any program, but in the home business arena this is barely scratching the surface.

With so many ways to make money online the average person can get confused and not know where to start. SFI is short for Strong Future International, and they offer many benefits for the average home business person to change their future and make more money.

Here are 21 things I like about the SFI affiliate program.

1. It is free to join

2. They are in over 200 countries

3. They offer free training

4. You can earn money 6 different ways

5. The publish a weekly newsletters full of tips

6. They have a contact manager function to keep in touch with your group

7. You can easily run a group advertising co-op with SFI co-op manager

8. SFI will enroll new affiliates for you via the Eagle Co-op

9. Gery Carson, the President, is actively involved on a daily basis

10. They have a discussion forum where you can learn from other affiliates all over the world

11. They offer a free Internet income course worth $295

12. The SFI affiliate program offers several gateway websites to promote products and the affiliate program itself

13. You will have banners, flyers, business cards, and other marketing materials available to help you advertise

14. Anyone can make money

15. They offer 30 different ways to pay for products

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16. You can get paid via check, direct deposit, and PayPal

17. SFI offers an easy way for you to track your marketing results

18. As an affiliate for SFI you have over 600 products to sell

19. They recently added a new way to make money signing up businesses

20. They direct ship

21. SFI collects the money

The SFI affiliate program is a great way to get started making money on the Internet, but it is not perfect. No product or program is. One problem SFI has is that because it is free to join it attracts a large group of people who are looking for ways to get rich quick. They do not want to work and when they realize there is work involved they never do anything. This is true for many different affiliate programs so SFI is not unique this way.

One other thing I don’t like about SFI is there website is bulky. By that I mean it is hard to get around in. Because they have been around for a long time and because they offer so much at times it can be hard to find what you are looking for. SFI has been addressing this and it is getting better all of the time.

In summary joining SFI and making it part of your online business portfolio only makes sense. Mutiple streams of income is a great concept and the SFI affiliate program gives you multiple ways to make money if you are willing to work.