21 Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas


Traditional wedding bouquets are beautiful. The flowers in the bouquets that coordinate with the dresses add to the elegance of a wedding. More and more we now see couples trying to be different adding unique special touches to their wedding to make them personal and even more memorable.

A great way to do this is to trade the traditional flower bouquet for something a little different. Some alternatives could be a lot cheaper than the traditional fresh cut flowers.

Flowers of course are what you first think of for wedding bouquets. Fresh flowers (1) are no doubt breathtaking but can be very expensive. Silk flowers (2) are nice because they last and the wedding party can keep them as a memento. Paper flowers (3) are growing in popularity. You can see a variety of scrapbook style flowers, origami or tissue paper flowers as bouquets.

Fruits (4) and vegetables (5) are a nice alternative. Using fruit and vegetables that are in season when you have your wedding is a nice touch. A bundle of multicolored apples in a basket or in a bouquet are beautiful in the fall or maybe some Indian corn.

Bouquets made out of candy (6) or lollipops (7) can be really fun for a whimsical wedding. Clusters of lollipops in a bouquet are very cute or send your flower girls down the aisle with a gigantic sucker. That would be really cute and so would the smile on that little girls face knowing she gets to eat it when it’s all over.

Tastefully arranged feathers (8) make a great alternative. Peacock feathers were a very hot trend in Christmas of 2012. I anticipate seeing this trend carry over into this years wedding trends. Christmas ornaments (9) are beautiful and add some tulle and you have a fabulous bouquet. Bundles of pinecones (10) make a really nice earthy bouquet. You can spice them up with glitter, colored ribbon or tulle.

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Lanterns (11) and candles (12) are a really nice touch for an alternative to flower bouquets. They also add to the ambiance of the wedding.

For those crafters, making a button bouquet (13) is a different spin on the traditional. You could also make a beaded bouquet (14) or use jewels (15). I have seen some photos on the Internet of sparkling and colorful broaches that have been put together to make a really gorgeous bouquet.

Collapsible fans (16) are elegant and can serve as dual purpose for those hot summer weddings also a nice touch for a southern style wedding. Parasol umbrellas (17) are another great alternative that could also be used to shade the wedding party from the sun.

A cluster of seashells (18) would be a beautiful accent to a nautical or beach themed wedding. Wrist corsages (19) could be a cheaper version of the traditional wedding flower bouquet.

Balloons (20) are a fun and whimsical alternative to tradition. Makes for a lot of fun pictures of the wedding. Pinwheels are another great idea. It gives a playful, fun vibe to the wedding.

Metal (21) also be really cool as an alternative. Sculpted metal in any color could be a very unique piece. For a great laugh at the wedding, the bride can hold a ball and chain or walk with it attached to her ankle. Or after the “I do” when the couple is about to walk down the aisle have the new husband attach the ball and chain to the wife!

Think outside the box and you can come up with some really great alternative ideas.