24 Season 8 Jack Bauer Goes Mad

I did not get hooked on the television show 24 until last season. At this point, I can’t seem to get enough. Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) is my favorite television character on this show. The question that I have is, will he go on a killing streak over his Dead Lover Agent Renee Walker? Her character is played by Annie Wersching.

In order to keep up with everything that happens on 24 season 8, a lot of the times I have to watch the show again. Thank God they are available on Fox on Demand.

Over the last couple weeks Renee Walker has been killed and Chloe O’Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub) has been promoted to Director Of CTU. As if that is not enough Dalia Hassan (Necar Zadegan) is going to continue the peace talks in place of her dead husband, President Omar Hassan (Anil Kapoor).

By the way, President Hassan was sleeping with an American woman on the side. He was also betrayed by his blood brother just hours before his death. Needless to say President Hassan’s brother is dead also.

You know now that I think about it, everyone gets killed in this show with the exception of Jack Bauer. As a matter of fact, Jack has been beat up, shot several time, stabbed by his girlfriend, and tortured; but he is still alive.

To catch you up a little more; the Russians lead the attack against the US. This lead to the murder of President Hassan. President Tailor just found out the Soviet Government was involved with the death of Hassan, smuggled a dirty bomb into the country, and almost killed the peace talks in the process. She had to make a decision if she was going to pursue the peace talks or expose the Soviet Government. She decided to continue the peace talks without telling Dalia Hassan the information about who killed her husband.

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If you would watch Day 8 hours 9:00am-10:00am; you will see Jack Bauer actually yell at the President. Who in the world does he think he is talking to President Tailor (Cherry Jones) like that? The President asked Jack Bauer to stand down from his investigation because she knew he would destroy her peace talks.

Jack Bauer was furious.

I know that Jack was upset about his latest female companion getting killed. I need to take a pause in the current season and give you some history about women in Jack’s life. If you are a woman, playing on this show, and you fall in love with Jack Bauer; you will be killed off the show. Every woman that Jack gets involved with gets killed, the deaths all started with his wife in season one. The Death Count went up from there.

Now back to our current season, Jack was upset with President Tailor. She was sending him out of the city and away from the DC area. This would insure that Jack Bauer could not potentially rein her peace talks. At this point, Jack shows CTU, his peers and all of America watching that he is really crazy, and probably needs to be locked away somewhere.

He actually stole a helicopter? I want you to understand this is where I draw the line with friends. I don’t mind lending a friend $20 bucks. I might even loan a good friend my car. However when you decide you want to take my helicopter, I have a problem and this is what makes me a little different than Chloe. I would have shot him down myself. No way in the world would I loose my, “Good Government Job” over Jack Bauer. Especially when the President just told you to make sure Jack leaves and does not pursue the investigation any further.

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If you watched the show you would know what I am talking about. Jack thinks he can do anything a get away with it. I guess that is why I love his character so much.

I could not help but to feel bad for the poor guy that was supposed to escort him to the Air Force Base. He actually looked up to Jack. Jack was a hero to this agent. This was a guy that admired Jack Bauer and wanted to be like Jack. Needless to say Jack made him look like a pure fool. He stole the agent’s gun.

I was wondering a couple things as I watched this scene. Number one, how did he get the gun from the agent so fast? Shouldn’t an FBI agent be able to protect his/her gun? The second question is, can someone please tell me when and where Jack Bauer learned to fly a helicopter? He could have at least acted like it was a challenge like Arnold Schwarzenegger did in True Lies.

I hear this is the last season of 24, but I really don’t see how Fox can do us like that. I have fallen in love with The 24 Season and many other that I have talked to have as well. We need the The 24 season and Jack Bauer in our lives. Fox please reconsider keeping this program on for the 24 lovers?