25 Best Romantic Fantasy Movies

Do you love romantic movies with a bit of fantasy mixed in with it? It kind of adds flair to a romance movie. Here is a list of some of the best Romantic Fantasy movies of all time.

1. “The Princess Bride” – A fairytale story of a guy who was thought to be dead by his long lost returning to rescue her.

2. “Twilight” series – A high school girl falls in love with a vampire at her school.

3. “Ghost” – After being killed in a mugging a man returns to protect his one true love.

4. “Edward Scissorhands” – A man with scissors for hands falls in love with a teenage girl.

5. “Groundhog Day” – A reporter relives the same day over and over again.

6. “Beauty and the Beast” A woman is forced to live in an enchanted castle with a beast.

7. “Kate and Leopold” – Leopold is brought back from the past and falls in love with Kate.

8. “Chances Are” – Louie is in a loving relationship and is killed crossing the road. He is then reincarnated and as he runs into his long lost love 20 years later, he begins to remember things from his past.

9. “Enchanted” – A princess is forced into a modern-day New York by and evil queen.

10. “Underworld” series – Vampires and Werewolves battle it out in modern-day.

11. “Prince of Persia: Sands of Time” – A young prince and princess must stop a villain from taking over Persia.

12. “Splash” – A mermaid comes ashore to meet a man that she once saved as a boy and falls in love.

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13. “The Time Traveler’s Wife” A man in a relationship has a gene that causes him to go back in time involuntarily.

14. “The Family Man” – A businessman meets an angel who changes his life as if he would have lived the path as a family man.

15. “Sleeping Beauty” A princess is put under a sleeping spell and must be woken by true loves kiss.

16. “Stardust” – A man rescues a fallen star, which is in the form of a person, for a girl.

17. “Legend” – A young forest boy must rescue the woman he loves from the Lord of Darkness after he tries to destroy the last of the unicorns.

18. “Love Potion #9” – 2 outcasts find a potion that makes them irresistible to the opposite sex.

19. “City of Angels” – An angel is spotted by a doctor in an operating room.

20. “13 going on 30” – A girl makes a wish that she is 30 after a party goes awry.

21. “Over her Dead Body” – A woman dies before her wedding and tries to get involved in her former fianc├ęs love life.

22. “Sliding Doors” – 2 stories on whether or not a woman gets on a train or not.

23. “Penelope” – A young woman under a curse must find true love to break the curse.

24. “Corpse Bride” –A man nervous for his wedding accidently proposes to a dead bride.

25. “Meet Joe Black” – Death takes over the body of a young man to learn about life.