25 Foods with 100 Calories or Less

In a society where entire supermarket aisles are dedicated to snack foods and portion sizes are double sometimes triple what they should be, it’s hard for a dieter to make healthy choices. Moderation has always been one of the most significant keys to dieting success. But how do you know for sure what a good portion is?

Start by reading the labels on the products you purchase. Look at how many calories and fat are listed and what is considered a serving. It may amaze you when you realize that some of your most favorite condiments are loaded in excess calories and fat. You could quickly eliminate nearly half of those fats and calories from your diet by simply choosing low fat or fat free alternatives

Today, snack companies are attempting to break into the healthy choice market by packaging their snacks into 100 calorie snack packs. It’s the same snack product, just in a smaller portion. This way you can still enjoy your favorite snack but not overindulge in excess calories. However, if you are really looking to make a difference, try the following healthier snack choices, each well less than 100 calories:

1. Animal Crackers, 6

2. Apple, 1 with caramel dip

3. Applesauce, ½ Cup

4. Asparagus, 1 Cup

5. Bacon, 1 oz

6. Bagel, 1 plain

7. Bananas, 2 Small

8. Blueberries, ½ Cup

9. Bread, White or Whole Wheat, one slice

10. Broccoli, 1 Cup

11. Cantaloupe, 1 Cup

12. Corn on the Cob, 1 with seasoning

13. Cream Cheese, 1 oz

14. Cucumbers, 2 medium size

15. Egg, hard boiled, 1

16. English Muffin, ½

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17. Fresh Raspberries, 2 Cups

18. Fudgsicle, 1

19. Goldfish Crackers, 30

20. Graham Crackers, 2

21. Granola, ¼ Cup

22. Grapes, 17

23. Grapefruit, 1 with sugar free sweetener

24. Hershey’s Kisses, 4

25. Hummus, 4 Tablespoons

Now you can mix and match these healthy snacks and create exciting mid-day meals. You want to keep your taste buds happy with different choices. This will keep you from getting bored and losing interest in your diet.

Remember to divide out your portions so you are sure that you are consuming the correct number of calories. It’s a good idea to divide these out right away and keep them in easy to reach spots so that these choices will be just as easy for you to grab for as any other snack.

Making these small adjustments now will lead to an overall healthier lifestyle for you in the future. You will be surprised at how much fat and calories you can cut out of your daily life by making these simple changes. Then you will be even more excited when you see how much these small changes help in your weight loss goals.