25 Fun Things About Cats

You know how mans best friend is a dog. Well why can’t a cat be mans best friend? They are fun to watch with all the silly things they can get into at a moments notice. Below is 25 fun things about cats you may not know.

1. Cats love to play with anything on the floor. Attach a fishing sinker to a fishing pole and watch the hours of enjoyment your cat and you will have.

2. Cats will jump up behind you on a chair and miss clawing your back instead of the chair. Funny after the sting wears off.

3. A cat will prefer drinking from a bathtub rather than the water bowl.

4. First thing in the morning a cat will rub up and down your leg until he gets fed.

5. Some cats will let you hold them like a baby.

6. When you are trying to sleep a cat will jump up and lay right on you.

7. Place a mirror on the floor and watch your cat play with himself for hours.

8. We do not own our cats they own us.

9. Cats love when you gently rub their backs. They will stand up and stretch high for you to continue doing it.

10. A cat will sunbath in a window for hours.

11. Tell a cat all your dirty little secrets and he will keep it to himself. Unless it is mewed out of him.

12. Many cats will live for twenty years.

13. Humans have a great sense of smell but cats are better. Their little noses can smell fourteen times better than their owner.

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14. Cats also have less teeth than their owners. Only by two so that is not to bad.

15. Just for fun, use a black light and detect if your pretty little kitty has urinated on your sofa or bed. Yes, this really works, try it and see.

16. When you are in a bad mood or feeling sick, watch how your cat reacts. He will rub or lay on you to try and cheer you up.

17. To bad humans cannot sleep as long as our feline friends who sleep at least fourteen hours out of the day.

18. Cats have fingerprints just like humans. Except it is their noses. Certain cats have flat noses while others will have pudgy noses.

19. Cats love to scratch on objects, but when they scratch a human, wow that really hurts. That may be when a cat learns to fly. (just kidding)

20. Take a wind up mouse and watch your cat run back and forth trying to catch it. Loads of fun to watch.

21. Spoil your cat and he will love you forever even when humans won’t.

22. Take a box and open both ends to make a tunnel. Watch your cat enjoy running and rolling around inside.

23. Cats love to lay on clothes. Many people find this out when they put on a shirt and look in the mirror only to find their felines markings all over it.

24. Some cats will pick up cat food with their paw and dip in a water bowl, then place the one piece of cat food in their mouth.

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25. If a baby is in the house, he will make a good babysitter. When the baby wakes up from a nap the cat will meow until the mother comes in to check on the baby.