25 Funniest High School Comedy Movies

High School Comedy movies are some of the funniest movies. They are funny for the teenage generations as well as some of the older ones. There are some many to choose from but here is a list of some of the funniest High School comedy movies of all time.

1. “American Pie” series – 4 friends make a pact to get laid for the first time.

2. “Superbad” – 2 friends struggle to get alcohol for a popular party that they were invited.

3. “Napoleon Dynamite” – The story of Napoleon Dynamite as he helps his friend Pedro run for class president.

4. “Clueless” – The most popular girls in school try to help clean up and play matchmaker with the new girl.

5. “17 again” – A father whose life is falling apart in front of his face turns 17 again by an angel to reconnect with his family.

6. “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” – Ferris wants to play hooky for the day, but his principal wants to catch him in action.

7. “The Hot Chick” – The most popular girl in school gets turned into a man.

8. “Easy A” – An upstanding student uses a rumor to help her social standing.

9. “The New Guy” – The dorky kid gets kicked out of 1 school and forms a better reputation in his new school.

10. “Encino Man” – A couple of friends uncover a cave man and use him to help their social standing.

11. “Weird Science” – 2 friends create the perfect girl to help them become popular.

12. “John Tucker must Die” – 3 girls turn to another to get revenge on John Tucker for dumping them.

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13. “Mean Girls” -The most popular girls in school decide to add the new girl to their group who just came from Africa.

14. “Bring it on” series – 2 cheerleading teams battle it out in this popular cheerleading series.

15. “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” – A movie based on a group of California kids who love rock and roll, and going to the mall.

16. “Porky’s” series – A group of High School kids who seek out to lose their virginity, end up battling it out with a nightclub owner.

17. “She’s the Man” – A girl ends up sneaking into her brother’s school while he’s away in order to play soccer.

18. “She’s All That” – The most popular guy in school makes a bet that he can transform the most non attractive girl.

19. “10 Things I hate about you” – In a bet a guy tries to win the heart of the older sister of a girl so that she can go out to a dance.

20. “Sixteen Candles” – A girl’s sixteenth birthday becomes more of an embarrassment.

21. “Never been kissed” – A journalist goes back to her old high school as part of research for her new story.

22. “Sky High” – The son of the most famous super heroes must go to a school for super heroes.

23. “Orange County” -A guidance counselor accidently sends out the wrong transcripts under the name of an over achiever student.

24. “Girl Next Door” -The girl that moves next door is an actual porn star.

25. “Not Another Teen Movie” – The movie that pokes fun of all of the other teen movies.