25 Gift Ideas for Your Boss

Finding the right gift for your boss can be a challenging task. Never fear! Here we have several gift suggestions that are suitable for a boss. Take into account how much you want to spend along with your boss’ personality and interests. With all of that in mind and these suggestions, you’re sure to figure out the perfect gift!

A gift certificate is a simple gift that many bosses appreciate. You could get the certificate to a nearby coffee shop or restaurant you know your boss enjoys. If they love to read, what about a gift certificate to a local bookstore? Think about the places your boss enjoys or the hobbies they have. Use that to decide on where to purchase a gift certificate. This gift is something you know your boss can and will use when you choose correctly.

Food is another gift idea. This isn’t the gift for every boss of course. But if you know your boss loves eating, the gift of food could be a great choice. Luxury chocolate, a cheese or fruit basket, mixed nuts, a bottle of wine, high quality coffee grounds, homemade cookies or even a whole turkey or ham might be a good gift. Another option is to actually take your boss out to eat at a nice restaurant.

A picture frame or digital photo frame is great for a boss who enjoys photography. It is also a good choice for a boss who likes to display pictures of his or her family. You might go a little further by putting a nice nature print (or a photo of the boss’ family if available) in the frame before giving the frame. A group picture of everyone at the office with the boss is another photo you could use. The digital frame gets a little pricey, but might be a great idea if this is a group gift.

A digital voice recorder is a great gift idea for the boss that likes to keep track of meetings or interviews. These recorders are also a more modern way of making memos.

The nice pen is a classic gift for a boss. There are plenty of choices out there ranging in price and quality. Don’t go out and by a pack of bic pens. You can find a decent pen for as low as $20 in some areas.

A nice pen holder is a nice addition to the nice pen gift. You can get some very creative and attractive pen holders that depict people, animals, and other interesting things straining to hold up your pen.

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A Swiss army knife is a gift some bosses may appreciate. For those of you who don’t know, this is a multifunctional knife that has a blade as well as a screw driver, can opener, nail file, scissors, and/or other small tools stowed inside the handle of the knife. You want to think about your boss’ interest here since this is a gift that isn’t going to be appreciated by everyone. For a more personal touch, have the knife engraved.

For the gadget loving boss who is also on the road a lot, go with a portable GPS navigation device. These devices will likely feature interactive street maps that might also show points of interest, route information, and detailed directions. GPS navigation devices are very popular right now and make a great traveling companion. They can be on the expensive side however.

Another somewhat expensive but really nice gift is a digital camera. You might consider this choice if it is a group office gift that several workers are “going in” together for. Before getting this gift however you want to make sure that your boss doesn’t already have a digital camera.

A nice organizer is a gift that is not only nice but it will also help your boss to get organized and stay productive in the process. The organizer is a great idea for a busy boss who needs to keep track of a lot of appointments or tasks.

If your boss has a beloved pet, a small animal gift might be the way to go. A gift for a loved pet is a sure way to earn some brownie points with the boss. Some ideas for pet gifts include a personalized food bowl, a stylish leash, or a nice doggy bed.

A day of beauty at a favorite beauty shop or a nice spa is something some women boss’ can greatly appreciate. When you’re hard at work all week it’s nice to be able to get pampered and take care of yourself with a little down time.

Tickets to a favorite movie, concert, game or other entertainment venue can be a good choice. Don’t decide to get the tickets based on what you enjoy. Take your boss’ likes and dislikes into account.

Sports merchandise is great for the sports fanatic boss. If you’re not sure of whether or not your boss enjoys a particular team or sport, go with another gift idea.

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Bestow your boss with a trophy sporting the phrase “World’s #1 Boss” or “Boss of the Year” as a gift to show him or her they are appreciated.

A sculpture (or paperweight) that reflects the boss’ occupation or interests is another idea. There are plenty of occupational sculptures out there to choose from. If your boss manages an automotive repair business, you might want to get a sculpture of a mechanical tool or part. If your boss is interested in football or golf, think about getting a sculpture related to that sport. It may take some creativity on your part to pull this gift off sometimes so take a moment to think it out completely.

A large office card is a very thoughtful gift. Sign and have your coworkers sign a card and list one quality each that they like or admire about the boss. This may be a bit of a stretch for the slave driving boss that everyone steers clear of. If you really want to let your boss know they’re appreciated and admired this is a great idea.

Get the boss a subscription to his or her favorite magazine or other recurrent paper. If you notice that your boss is always picking up a copy of Fortune, a subscription would be greatly appreciated most likely.

A coffee cup may not sound like a great choice, but you can jazz it up a little to make it a more thoughtful gift. A quality mug will be shaped to keep warmth in. You could get a coffee mug that has something funny, interesting, or relevant to your boss’ unique interests and personality. If they love golfing, find a cup that has a funny golfing statement or picture on it. Be careful with “funny” mugs since some employers can be lacking in the humor department. For a more high tech approach to the coffee mug, go with a temperature controlled coffee cup. These aren’t terribly expensive and can be very useful to a boss who loves drinking coffee.

You can offer your boss a plant or bouquet of flowers. An oldie but goodie, this is a gift that some will really appreciate. Not only is it a nice gift, but an office plant is a gift that keeps on giving (there are proven benefits to incorporating office plants in the workplace). And flowers can really brighten someone’s day.

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A great book you know you boss is interested in or really wants could be a big hit as well. If you know of a specific author your boss enjoys, another idea is to get the latest release. Maybe the author writes book series. You might be able to purchase an entire series in this case (just make sure they don’t already have the books).

Get your boss some stress relief toys. You can actually purchase a box of stress relief toys so that your boss can stretch, bend and whirl their cares away. Another stress relief item would be a desktop Zen garden.

A nice business card holder or a business card case is a good choice for the boss looking to network. You can get the card holder personalized, or you might consider getting a themed business card holder or case relative to a specific interest.

Desktop games can sometimes be a big hit with the boss trying to find a little down time while at work. You can find miniature games for your desk that imitate golf, bowling, football, chess, and pool. For a more intellectual game you can go with desktop chess, dominoes, or a globe puzzle. There are so many games out there to choose from. This is where knowing your boss’ likes and dislikes would be helpful.

An executive desk clock can be a nice choice for almost any boss. Time is important with almost all work related issues. You can find desk clocks in a variety of styles and finishes. Think about what will look nice in your boss’ office and on his desk. Try to find something that fits in with the d├ęcor while also taking into account your boss’ unique tastes.

Well that makes up my twenty-five top picks of gifts for a boss. Hopefully my list was helpful and now you have at least a vague idea of what to get your boss.