25 Gift Ideas Under $10

It is time again for the biggest task of the year, Christmas gift shopping. Most cringe at the thought of the lines at the stores, out of stock items, and the strain on your pocket book it can bring. Internet sales have been increasing every year showing signs of people getting smarter and not contributing to the overcrowding at the mass merchandisers and malls that occurs during Christmas season. Thrifty gifts can also help with the strain on your pocket book. With the economy in the state it currently is, frugal gifts are a perfect way to include everyone in your gift giving. Here is 25 gift ideas that all can be done under $10.

1. Homemade Cookie Mix– That’s right, give the gift of cookies. Take a Jelly Jar and pour all of the dry ingredients in layers in the jar (so that it looks like sand art) and then print out a recipe card for them to follow to make the cookies. If you don’t have a jar you can get one at your local dollar store. Punch a hole in the card with a hole puncher and then run a ribbon through it and tie it to the jar. To dress the jar up you can add holiday stickers which you can find at most stores as decoration.

2. Christmas Ornaments– Do you have someone who collects a certain theme or character for their Christmas tree? If so, find an ornament or two and place in a gift bag. I have a family member that always has a tree with glass ornaments, I usually get her two new ones every year.

3. Prepaid Long Distance Calling Cards– Do you need to send a gift to someone out of town? Get a long distance calling prepaid card so that they can keep in touch with you for free. I do this for someone in my family and they love it.

4. Collectable Sports Cards– Do you have someone that collects Sports Cards? If so, most of your local stores will carry some for under $10 as a set. I used to get a set for my little brother every year for Christmas and now 10 years later he still has them and recently sold one of them for $500 to a local collector.

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5. Movie Theater Gift Cards- Everyone likes to go see a good movie. Check with the local theater to see if they offer gift cards.

6. Board or Card games– You can find some of these under $10 at a local discount store. These are great for people of all ages. Wal-Mart sells some card games for $5.

7. Homemade Fudge or Candy– If you have someone in your family that has a favorite holiday candy that is homemade, make some and put in a Christmas tin that you can purchase at your local dollar store. I have some that request me to make fudge for their gift every year.

8. Journal– This is a great gift for teens. You can find pretty decorative ones at your local discount stores. Write a personal message inside on the cover. This is a gift that they will use daily and think of you when they do.

9. Favorite Nuts– My step-father likes me to fix him up a mixed nut basket. I usually get a basket and nutcracker at my local dollar store and then go to the grocery store and get a pound of mixed nuts. You can put colored tissue paper at the bottom of the basket to add for the festive look. You can find a single pack of cellophane at the dollar store in the gift bag area and use a dryer to shrink it around the basket.

10. Wine glasses – I have a friend that loves to get wine glasses, so I usually will go to my local flea markets to find great deals on a set of 4. If you can’t find any there, check your local dollar store in their glassware aisles. You can make this in to a basket or gift set and add a cider or sparkling grape juice to jazz it up and still stay within the budget.

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11. Coffee gift set– You can easily make this by getting a coffee mug and some small gourmet coffee packs. You can find a coffee mug at the dollar store and the coffees can be found at the grocery store. You can either put it in a gift bag or put cellophane around it.

12. Gas Gift Cards- With gas prices being so crazy this year, gas gift cards are a great idea. You can go to your local gas stations and get gift cards to give them as gifts. This is a gift that everyone will love and can definitely use.

13. Car wash gift certificates- If you are near one of the car washes that are manned by a person then see if they have gift certificates available. Every person with a car can enjoy this gift.

14. Nail Kits– The ladies and girls will enjoy this gift. You can usually find a nail kit that has the clippers, file and more at your local dollar store and then go to your local discount store and get a nail polish to go with it.

15. Candles- You can make a candle gift basket or bag for someone. The dollar store has candle holders you can add to your set.

16. $10 Amazon Gift Card– This is perfect for the person that is hard to buy for. They can purchase all kinds of things there or download music.

17. Kitchen Gift Basket- Go to your local dollar store and get things that a person would normally use daily in the kitchen and create a basket or bag. You could buy a spatula, spoon, whisk, and even salt & pepper shakers. The dollar store has a great selection of things for the kitchen.

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18. Art basket for kids- You can go to your local dollar store and get several coloring books, markers, crayons, and anything else that you can find and create an art themed basket or bag for a kids gift.

19. Movie gift set – Get a wine bucket and fill it with popcorn, a $1 movie from the movie store, and candy. All can be found at the dollar store.

20. Fast Food Gift Certificates- These always are great gifts. Everyone can use these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

21. Books- You can find books at a local thrift store, dollar store, or mass merchandiser’s for under $10. For a person that loves reading this gift would be perfect.

22. Barbie’s – Any little girl would love to have a new Barbie. Most places have a selection for under $10.

23. Frame with a Personal Photo- You can get a pretty frame from the dollar store and put a new family photo in it. This is a great gift for the grandparents.

24. Golf Gift Set- You can get some golf balls and tees and give that to the golfer in the family.

25. Cocoa or Tea gift sets- You can get a mug and a selection of cocoa or tea packets and wrap it in cellophane or in small gift bag.

Take some of these ideas and see how you can create them to fit your gift needs. You will find that you can go to the dollar store and get creative on gift giving. Remember, that the point of gift giving is not what you buy, it is the thought behind it.