25 Great Dance Songs

I could probably write forever on all of the great songs. Listed below are some of the best dance songs.

Baby Love – This song was a huge hit. Written by Regina and Stephen Bray it soared to the top of the dance charts in 1986. At the time, Stephen Bray was writing songs with Madonna. The influence of Bray is why so many people think that Madonna is singing on this song.

Glow of Love – This 1980 song, by the group Change, off the album of the same name features the then unknown Luther Vandross on lead vocals.

I’m in Love – Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King best known for her huge hit ‘Shame’ released this song in 1981. It is one of my favorites.

Love Come Down – Another great dance song released in 1982 by Evelyn ‘Champagne’ King.

Don’t Ask my Neighbor – The all girl group the Emotions are responsible for this wonderful song. Off the 1977 album ‘Rejoice’ this song is one of the most underplayed and underrated songs of all time.

Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel – Recorded in 1976 by the Tavares.

More Than A Woman – In 1977 the Tavares recorded the Bee Gees track From ‘Saturday Night Fever’. The Tavares version is better than the Bee Gees recording.

It’s a Love Thing – This song by the Whispers was released in 1986. What a great dance song.

Got to Be Real – This 1978 classic disco tune by Cheryl Lynn should be on everyone’s list.

Shake It Up Tonight – Another Cheryl Lynn song released in 1981.

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You Know How to Love Me – This 1979 song by Phyllis Hyman and off the album of the same name became a moderate dance hit, by one of the greatest soul and jazz singers in the world.

Night Fever – This disco song should be on everyone’s list, from the ‘Saturday Night Fever’ soundtrack.

Object of My Desire – The biggest recording by Starpoint released in 1985. The album was ‘Restless’.

Catch Me I’m Fallin – From the Jon Cryer movie ‘Hiding Out’, this song was released in 1987.

Too Turned On – This 1985 dance song was recorded by Alisha.

Ooh La La La – This 1988 release by Teena Marie is one of the best slow dance songs ever. Teena Marie is one of the most underrated performers ever.

Let’s Groove Tonight – This Earth Wind and Fire disco dance song was released in 1981.

September – Earth Wind and Fire had so many great dance songs, but this 1978 release is one of my favorites.

Juicy Fruit – This funky R&B; dance song by James Mtume was released in 1983.

Don’t Disturb this Groove – The System released this hit in 1987.

The Look of Love – One of the very best songs to come out of the electronic genre, this 1982 release is terrific.

I Can’t Wait – Originally released in 1984 by Nu Shooz.

Love Will Follow – This little known song off Kenny Loggin’s 1985 Vox Humana album is a jazzy dance tune.

Wet My Whistle – This 1983 release by Midnight Star was not as big of a hit as ‘Midas Touch’ (another great song), but it is a better dance song.

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West End Girls – In 1985 the Pet Shop Boys released this electronic disco song.