26 Santa Free Crochet Patterns

We can all buy Santa Claus decorations, but I think making your own Santas with love and care means so much more. Yarn and thread is still relatively inexpensive and with a few crochet skills and your trusty hook, your home will look like the North Pole!


This adorable potholder is just two circles with the hands and feet crocheted to the sides. Designed by Joan Barnett for Coats and Clark, it’s made with cotton yarn so that it safe to use for all your hot platters and pots.

DCrochet has a very clever idea with her Santa wall or door hanging. She uses rubber bands! By crocheting over the rubber bands, rings are created. There is a diagram to show you how to interlock the rings. Crocheted Santa faces complete the decoration.

We’ve all brought bottles of cheer as a hostess gift. Why not cover them with a Santa? Carolee’s Bottle cover courtesy of Jean Kahoon, can be adapted to or Mr. or Mrs. Claus Just use your imagination!

Do you have a lawn goose? Not a real one but one of those plastic guys that always needs dressing up. Contributed by Sue’s Crochet and found over at All Free Crafts, this Santa Suit will bring miles of smiles when your guests walk up the path to your house.

Maybe some might think this is going too far but, computer monitors need dressing up, too! Sandy Gerhart created this whimsical guy. It’s made of worsted weight yarn, so it will work up in a hurry.

Who hasn’t put out a plate of cookies and milk for Santa? Now you can crochet no calorie version for the Jolly Old Elf! From Beansprout Creations,these are so adorable you might want to eat them up and drink the milk, but don’t! They’re made of yarn. If you are the ambitious type, crochet a plate to go with them!

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The Merry Christmas Wreath from Sugar and Cream not only gives use darling little Santa faces, but also tiny socks and gift packages to embellish a store bought wreath. Made of worsted weight cotton yarn, these are a breeze to whip up.

Amigurumi, Plushies and Stuffies

The Crafty Tipster has an Amigurumi inspired little guy. The instructions may look long but are very detailed, so even a beginner has success.
http://www.thecraftytipster.com/crochet-santa.html round bottom

U.K. crochet designer, Claire Bojczuk, made her mini Santa with no arms or legs, with means no tedious sewing. She uses British terminology but explains how to convert to the American stle.

I’m wild about this Funky Santa! He’s a full size guy with arms, legs, beard and hat. He carries his own stocking. What could be more fun than that? January, from YellowPinkandSparkly, is also a U.K. designer but gives the American translation. She challenges us to use our imagination and come up with some non-traditional colors for his attire.

Crochet Sal is a designer that has very detailed dolls on her site. I like this Mrs. Clause with her big dress and spindly legs. She looks like she could dance the night away!

It’s never too late to save up for next years’ presents. Here is a vintage pattern that turns Santa’s head into a bank!

Another vintage pattern from the 1950’s is a Plastic Santa Doll dress up in a Santa Clause Suit. The doll is 11 inches tall. You might a suitable substitute in your local craft store. From Free Vintage Crochet I give you this:

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There are two patterns from Happy Yellow House, a bespectacled Clause couple. Santa is missing his lower half but don’t worry. Rig up a cardboard box to look like a chimney and plop him in there. Mrs. Clause is dressed in red with a long with apron done in a fancy stitch. I didn’t peek under her dress, so I’m not sure if her appendages are there!


“Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.” I know why. They were all dressed up in their best Santa Claus clothing! AP Designs, who sells her Amigurumi on Etsy, was kind enough to let Fav Crafts host her little white rodents. The mice and suits are entirely crocheted. Folks, it doesn’t get any cuter that this!


Using Chenille yarn and fun fur, crochet your kid a soft cuddly scarf. Worked lengthwise, with a big hook, this is one of this projects that only takes an evening to complete.

Kim Guzman is one of the top crochet designer in the industry. Her books and patterns have been published and she has a huge fan base. Her versatile Santa Hat is designed with sizes for children to adults.

Another well-known hat designer is Dorothy “Dot” Matthews. Originally published in her bythehook blog, Crochetville is now hosting her patterns.

Babys need Santa hats, too! Crochet Me’s Jessica Felton felt the need for a darling hat for her infant and this is what dropped off her hook.


Mary Jane Prous has done it again! This very talented designer used a big snowflake to decorate her Crochet Snowflake Mitten Ornaments. These can hang on the tree, or do double duty as a silverware holder on your buffet table. She rates this on an intermediate level. Brought to you curtesy of Coats and Clark.

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I love the glittery, glitzy look that the season brings. Kreink is famous for their metallic threads and this little Santa is full of shine. Michelle Wilcox put her hook to good use when she let the threads do the talking.

I don’t know what elephants have to do with Christmas, but Pacy put one in a tiny Santa hat and hung it on her tree. Is it because they bring good luck under the tree? This is the cutest little ornament!

It’s only five rounds, but Orble has brought us this Santa pants inspired Bell that will ring in some good cheer. She uses a small piece of yellow felt for the bucle but I would just crochet a yellow chain and tack it on.

Would you like your rubber duckie or teddy bear to get into the holiday spirit? Try Pixie Kitten’s Toy Santa Hat pattern. Maybe this will fit your kitty cat!

Cecinatrix is one of the most amazing designers. Known for her crocheted appliqué work she has gifted us with Santa’s Christmas Boot

Merry Crocheting!