28 “Write for Us” Creative Writing Jobs & Sites

Are you looking for more “write for us” creative writing jobs and sites to submit your work or query? At least one of these 28 sites might be in your niche area of writing. Build your portfolio by having your name in the byline with one of these sites. Some are steady paying and some ask for queries.

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1. About

Hiring: Seeks knowledgeable experts in different fields for topics available. Also seeks contributing writers and video producers.


$675 per month for the first 2 years and $500 afterwards for guides’ base pay

The chance to make more exists

Contributing writers make $500 each month in the first 2 years and $250 each year after

Video producers receive $250 flat fee for each video

Guidelines: See the site for more details about writing for About. Writers have to take 2 weeks of training to learn about writing and building up the website for the site. This does not guarantee approval that you will be able to write for About.

2. Seed


Make sure your articles are written in the active voice

Use professional journalist techniques according to AP style

Read some articles first before submitting

Write in conversational tone

The articles on Seed may or may not qualify for publication since many writers can grab the same title and submit their articles. Consider it one big query pitch but you already did the work with crafting the article. The trick is to read up on the articles they like and then outperform to make sure you get the winning article and the $30 or more for it.

3. Experts 123

Sign up for Experts 123 and answer questions based on your knowledge. You can build links to your website and promote your product and service through using this website. Writers receive a revenue share for questions answered on the site depending on the number of visitors. Also, you can grab the widget from Experts 123 and install it on your site to show your answers so visitors can check you out and bring revenue.

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4. Blue Catalyst Media

Blue Catalyst Media pays revenue share of 50% for at least 150 to 350 words per topic. The list includes health, real estate, security, legal, and more topics. The payment only lasts up to twelve months after the content posts. Please see the site for more details.

5. Quality Gal

Quality Gal is a great site to work for and pays quickly. The payments start at $12 per article. The only thing is that they require certain styles and many links. Once you get into the swing of things, Quality Gal articles can be easy to write. The work tends not to be very steady so you have to check back with them often to grab assignments.

6. London Brokers (aka AMS)

This is another good company to work for with freelance writing. They pay every week and have a steady stream of articles available. The only thing is that they are a manual article rewriting service. The articles that you write usually have to be re-written two more times. It can often take a long time to do and may not be worth the extra effort at $6 per article. However, if you are just starting and find yourself low on funds consider writing for AMS.

7. Emerging Cast

Emerging Cast is a newer website for writers, voice talents, translators, and filmmakers to earn some money. The writing assignments are simple and require virtually no research. They pay about $2 each for 150 words in a “How To” format. Payments made weekly and you can really score some money with this site once you learn the ropes.

8. eCopywriters

E-Copywriters is a site mostly geared towards writing copy. If you have experience in this type of writing, they might contact you quicker than they might contact freelance writers who applied with them. If you have this type of experience, try applying and check back within the site to see if you were accepted. Make sure to run articles through Copyscape.com before sending a sample.

9. Facebook

Yes, you can write for Facebook and help get a question and answer site off the ground. The only thing is that they pay in virtual currency, good towards games in the site. They are starting a beta program right now, if you want to join in on the effort.

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10. Blogging Tips

Write for Blogging Tips and receive a byline as a guest poster. You also receive links at the top and bottom of the post back to your site.

11. Sitepoint

Sitepoint is a site for web professionals. If you know much about the content geared towards this industry, they payout is $100 retainer and bonus payments per page views.

12. The Pragmatic Bookshelf

Send The Pragmatic Bookshelf a proposal first with a query letter to see if they are interested in your idea. See their site for more information about what they want in the proposal.

13. Blog It

If you love blogging, you can easily create a blog at Blog It. You connect with a large community of other people who love blogs.

14. Pro Blog Design

If you have web design knowledge, you should consider submitting to Pro Blog. They pay $125 per post and take many topics within the field. Check out their site for information on how to submit and the topics they want.

15. Know More Media

Know More Media is a revenue site that pays a base payment and traffic commission. Writers for the site earn about $100 to $800 per month and must post at least once per day. Writers are also expected to do their own promotion for their blogs.

16. The Jewish Daily Forward

Send in The Forward a query through email and see if they accept your piece. You can really get a career established through this site with the bylines. The fees differ according to the section and writers even receive a kill fee if the piece is accepted but then not published.

17. Click Z

Click Z is looking for a columnist to write about experiences with Internet Marketing. If you have in depth valuable experience you can share with an audience wanting to learn from your success or mistakes, contact Click Z.

18. Linux Journal

Linux Journal is looking for; well I am sure you guessed it already. Linux Journal needs some writers that can post informative articles and real world stories.

19. Young Money

Right now Young Money is not hiring writers but you can receive the coveted byline and link to your site.

20. Auction Bytes

Auction Bytes pays $20 for stories but require a query letter pitch first. They ask for several article types so check their website to see what they want.

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21. SQL Server Performance

If you have experience with Microsoft SQL Server, you can easily make some extra money with submitting to this site. Contact the company with a query before writing the article to see if it is what they need for their site. Read more about their guidelines using the link.

22. Parenting Squad

Check out their site to more about the three sample posts they ask for before receiving approval for writing with them. They also ask for five future post pitches.

23. Brain Blogger

Brain Blogger is more like a donation site for a good byline in exchange. If you are looking to boost your portfolio with clips, this site recruits volunteers who are eligible for The President’s Volunteer Service Award.

24. The Consumerist

Writing six posts a day can often be demanding but if you are passionate about consumer advice, you might enjoy writing for The Consumerist.

25. Adobe Press

If you have any book ideas that you want to pitch to Adobe, visit this site for more information. The software giant company is always looking for ideas.

26. Web Design Booth

Web Design Booth asks for guest posts and articles. The payment depends on the quality and acceptance for the article. Check the site for more details on the topics and guidelines.

27. Muff Slap

Write about men’s humor and other topics at Muff Slap.

28. Que Publishing

A Pearson company, Que Publishing is more like a way to promote you through several formats. Writing for them could be a good foot in the door with the giant publishing company for a book deal later.

What do you think about this list? Anyone submit to these online publications before? Tell me about your experience with submitting to these companies or applying. I would like to hear your success or rejection story.