2Pac: Dead or Alive?

Ten years after his controversial death, 2Pac released his eleventh posthumous record, Pac’s Life last November. Question: How is it possible for a dead man to release almost three times as many original albums from the grave than when he was walking the streets (4)? Sure, I can understand a handful of albums surfacing after an artists dies, but 11 in 10 years?

2Pac’s prolific, posthumous productivity has always smelled a little fishy to me. So I found a web site that listed some of the most compelling reasons that 2Pac is still alive. Let’s examine…

  1. 2Pac began calling himself Makaveli. Machiavelli was an Italian war strategist who advocated faking one’s death to fool their enemies. 2Pac was a fan of Machiavelli and had read his books. Perhaps 2Pac is taking his advice?
  2. 2Pac was cremated the day after he died. There was no autopsy.
  3. 2Pac has completed several new albums and keeps on appearing on new artist’s albums.
  4. 2Pac had big plans for Makaveli Records. This may be why he’s completed so many songs. Makaveli Records is the the new record company 2Pac planned on doing with “Tha Outlaw Immortalz”.
  5. In a 1994 interview with Tupac, he said before he went to prison that if he was ever sent to prison when he came out he would be worse than before. He was. He also said when he came out it would be like he was reborn. Was he speaking literally? He already died and he was worse when he came out of jail, plus Tupac switched his rapping name from 2Pac to Makaveli, which could be considered a rebirth. All that’s left is a physical rebirth (a sighting) and so far he’s already completed more than half of this prophecy.
  6. The cover of 2Pac’s Makaveli, features 2Pac posed as Jesus Christ. Could he be planning a resurrection? Plus, the producer on Makaveli is simply “SIMON.” This was the apostle who helped Jesus carry the cross and one of the first to witness his resurrection. Could Suge Knight be SIMON?
  7. Inside the cover of Makaveli, it reads “Exit: 2Pac, Enter: Makaveli”.
  8. There are many numerological coincidences with the number se7en. Tupac was gunned down exactly seven months after All Eyez On Me was released. He was shot on September 7th and survived on 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, and died the 13th. This could explain the title of his album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory. 2Pac was 25. His age adds up to 7 (2+5). Even his time of death, 4:03, adds up to 7 (4+0+3).
  9. 2Pac always wore a bulletproof vest but did not wear one the night he was shot.
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But 2Pac isn’t the only one surrounding this type of phenomena-there’s Jimi Hendrix, who recorded only three studio albums before his death. Since then, there’s been about two dozen posthumous releases of varying kinds, from compilations to rarities to live performances. Can we say “MILK IT”?