3 Beach Wedding Invitation Ideas on a Budget

Looking for some elegant and affordable beach wedding invitations? Aren’t we all. Well, here are some quick and easy ideas for beach wedding invitations on a small budget. So, save the extra money for your honey moon, these beach wedding invitations won’t be breaking any budget.

Beach Wedding Invitation Idea #1

Take a Trip to your local arts and craft store. In the paper section you will find a huge assortment of pre made blank white note cards and envelopes. Grab some. Now, walk over to the stamp aisle. Pick out three sea shell rubber stamps. Grab some gold or silver ink while you are there.

Now, take the three stamps and dip them one at a time into the silver or gold ink. Press one stamp in the middle of the wedding invitation. Literally the middle. Now, take another stamp and place it right next to the middle sea shell, but on the right. Continue this sea shell stamp process creating one line of silver or gold sea shells on the front of the wedding invitation.

The silver or gold ink is a great way to really make a simple stamp more formal. Let the ink dry and you are ready to print out your wedding invitation info on the inside.

Beach Wedding Invitation Idea #2

Check out the photo printing cards in your local arts and craft store for this one. Choose a matte finished plain card that can have photos printed on it. Now, go online to a website like www.procorbis.com and find a great photo of the beach. You can use black and white or color. You can also use your own photos of the beach.

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Now, print this photo out on your plain matte photo card on the front. If you are using a black and white photo then try printing this in a colored computer ink.

Let the beach image dry on the front of the wedding invitations. Now, print your beach wedding info on the inside for your guests.

Beach Wedding Invitation Idea #3

Take one of those seas shell stamps again for this beach wedding invitation, but buy a slightly larger one. This stamp should be about 2/3’s as tall as your plain white card and envelope.

Stamp the sea shell in the middle of the card on the upper 2/3’s portion of the card. Now, directly below the sea shell stamp punch two holes centered in the middle of the bottom 1/3 of the wedding invitation about 1 inch apart.

Insert a small ribbon in your wedding colors or even white or silver through the back of the two holes on the front of the invitation. Tie them off in a pretty bow on the front. Tri the ends of the ribbon and apply a no fray product if need!

Hope you liked the Beach Wedding Invitation Ideas!

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