3 Best Relaxing Paint Colors to Use in the Bedroom

Bedroom paint colors can be a difficult choice. You want your bedroom to look nice, but you also need it to be relaxing. Here is a look at three of the latest paint color trends in bedroom paint colors and how to use them in a relaxing way!


Neutral paint colors are a huge trend in bedrooms today. Part of the reason for the design trend is that neutrals are so soothing. When choosing a neutral paint color, it does not have to be cream or off white.

Many times darker shades of sand and even gray can be very soothing and rather neutral. It is also important to choose an earth tone neutral. This means look for a neutral sandy or gray paint color that has a touch of brown or black in it.

This touch of earth tone is calming to the eye and so huge in bedroom paint trends right now. It is a simple way to bring the outside inside the bedroom without any clutter.

Browns and Greens

Browns and green are the new latest and hottest bedroom paint colors. When choosing your browns and greens, there are a few points to keep in mind.

Keep that idea of a neutral in mind, again. You do not want to go for a bold paint color. Choose a lighter or softer shade of brown or green that has that touch of earth tone in it.

In other words, stark Hunter green or bold orange browns are not hot bedroom paint color trends right now.

In place of those truly bold colors go for a more faded or antique olive green. This is a restful color to the eye, adds color to the bedroom, and is yet another way to bring the outside inside in a soothing manner.

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Mixing browns and green is also a huge design trend in paint colors right now as well. Try painting three of your walls an earth tone sage color and then having an accent wall of chocolate brown.

These hot paint colors blend well together and can add tons of color to your bedroom paint choices in a neutral way. A great example of a neutral a relaxing green paint that is a hot trend in bedroom is Pale Olive 2 from Laura Ashley.


Soft and relaxing blues are always a hot design trend in paint colors for the bedroom. Today the hot blue paint colors are blue that have that touch of shade in them, particularly a brownish blue. Green blues are also popular.

The perfect example of a hot blue color with a tiny touch of earth tone green is a color from Benjamin Moore named Mint Green. Yes, green is in the name, but the overall color is blue and green, depending in on the light in your room.

The color is not too bold and works perfectly as a neutral backdrop even though it has color in it.

The color is restful and works well with any pops of color you want to use in accents in your bedroom.