3 Best Sites for Downloading Free Holiday Photo Card Templates

At www.Tinyprints.com you can purchases cheap fresh, modern holiday photo cards. They have 256 holiday card templates to choose from. The cards start at $1.24 each for a 5.25 x 5.25 flat card up to $2.89 each for a 5×7 folded card. The cards have many different designs some have embossing and a variety of fonts to choose from. The site offer free standard shipping on all their holiday cards. Once you have found the card style that you like double click it to order. Enter the number of cards you want and the number of optional address labels. You can even include gift tags for $18.00 for 25. To add the picture click on the Personalize button. Enter in the name of your family and the family member in the picture, for example the Smith Family: Robin, Joseph and Callie. The next page will prompt you on how to add your picture. Click where it says “click here to add photo” and browse for the folder in which you keep the picture. You can add up to 10 photos to the tray. To add text click where you want the text to be. Click next when done. You can enter in special instructions if there are any and initial to approve the card’s appearance. White envelopes are included but you also get the option of ordering silver for an additional charge of $.10each. You can add additional envelopes if you wish.

You get the option at the end of the ordering process to get a digital copy of the proof. For $15.00 in case you want to print additional cards from home. Process time for your order is 3-4 days and standard shipping will be 5-7 business days.

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Overall I rated this website a 9 out 10, 10 being the best. The selection was great, the styles were awesome and very Chic. The prices where magnificent and the options we countless. I will definitely be recommending this website to all my family and friends.

Another website to order Holiday photo cards that I liked was www.photworks.com. They were offering free shipping till December 10, 2007. This website has a great variety of card templates and what made them stand out were the shapes they came in; such as accordion shape, flower shaped, round, see-through, and with cut outs. The prices ranged from $ .52 to up to $4.00. The sizes and shapes range from 1.75 x 1/75 to 5×7. They require you to sign up on this sight and I didn’t like having to do that but overall I rate this website a 7 out of 10.

The third site I visited was www.msngreeting.com. This site offers a variety of holiday photo cards ranging from $0.85 to $1.89. On this website you can make scrapbook, calendars and much more. The instructions on how to download your photos are very easy to understand and you can also add text where you want it. The shipping on this site takes usually 7-10 business days.

There are a lot more websites out there offering Holiday Photo card templates to download, all you have to do is look using the Google search engine.