3 Classic Lincolns to Inspire the New Lincoln Motor Company’s Product Line

The company brass at Ford finally realized that the Lincoln brand was dying and they have now set out to recreate what was once a great luxury marque. Ford is renaming Lincoln, giving it the more formal Lincoln Motor Company moniker, and launching an advertising campaign featuring Jimmy Fallon in an attempt to rebrand the blue oval’s luxury car division and appeal to a more youthful crowd. The upcoming MKZ sedan will carry the new Lincoln Motor Company forward, but this dressed-up version of the Ford Fusion cannot shoulder the load alone. So, what other segments will the new Lincoln Motor Company have to fill in order to compete with the Mercedes, BMW, and Audi, as well as the resurgent Cadillac? Looking at Lincoln’s storied past can reveal some truly historic nameplates that can provide inspiration as the company moves forward.

Lincoln Motor Company Mark X

The last iteration of the Mark-series of personal luxury coupes from Lincoln bore the name Mark XIII. The Lincoln motor company should revive the name for a modern CTS coupe competitor dubbed the Mark X, which has a certain ring to it that distances itself from the stodginess of the nameplate that inspires it. The Lincoln Motor Company Mark X could be based on the Mustang platform with added independent rear suspension for increased levels of ride and handling refinement. Release the next-generation Mustang platform early, making it exclusive to Lincoln for a year, adding to the halo-effect of the premium vehicle’s release.

Lincoln Motor Company Continental

While the MKZ is a well-built ride, its price puts it above entry-level premium territory; a segment that is crucial to bringing in young buyers who can grow with the brand. Lincoln Motor Company would be wise to label its ATS/3-Series/E-Class fighter with this label and make sure the vehicle is competent. Make use of the company’s small, yet powerful, engines and add extra tuning to attract the younger buying demographic that is flocking to Audi in droves. Style the car like a true luxury vehicle with hints of the 60s Continental design subtleties, evoking images of the Entourage title sequence; Chrysler has had immense success with the 300 by following this blueprint and Ford could use these lessons to take on the Germans with a distinctly styled entry-level premium car that is the volume leader for the new Lincoln Motor Company.

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Lincoln Motor Company Town Car

The Town Car was associated with old American-style luxury, a land barge with floaty suspension and the turning radius of a Sherman tank. While the vehicle was reliable and sold respectably, it was discontinued as the marketplace’s notion of luxury shifted to the Teutonic characteristics of more taught and nimble handling. Bring back the Town Car name and resurrect the tie-in with Cartier for the flagship trim level, but make sure that the vehicle can serve as a true flagship. Think the Chrysler 300, which has enjoyed massive success as a quasi-premium car, but replace the faux-wood with the real stuff and add in an SVT-tuned engine for performance. Lincoln Motor Company would be wise to not try to go toe-to-toe with the Germans on this one, but rather compete with Lexus and Hyundai’s flagship offerings and sell the notion of value-oriented full-size luxury.

The contributor spent a good portion of his childhood riding in a 1984 Lincoln Town Car and, although Lincoln has taken many missteps, he firmly believes that Ford can position the Lincoln Motor Company as a true competitor in the premium car market.

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