3 Common Litter Tray Problems in Cats and How to Overcome Them

Cats are usually very good at keeping themselves scrupulously clean and tidy. This is seen in their daily grooming ritual. But when it comes to using the litter tray, some cats miss, mess outside the tray or tip it over, strewing the litter all over the floor.

Kitty Always Misses

The litter tray has been positioned in the same location for the past six months, so you know that kitty is not adjusting to a new location, and yet she always misses when she needs to eliminate! This can be incredibly frustrating.

Yelling at the cat will not stop her from missing the spot whenever she needs to go. Missing is sometimes due to the fact that the litter tray is simply too small for your cat and needs replacing with a larger size. Some brands of cat litter are particularly offensive to cats, which is why they rebel in this way. Changing to a different brand of cat litter can help put a stop to this behaviour.

Messing Outside the Tray

Cats mess outside their litter tray for a number of reasons. One of the most common reasons I have found is when the litter needs to be changed out. Cats are very particular about where they will eliminate.

If the litter is rarely scooped or cleaned out, your cat will find an alternative location of her choosing. It is important to stay on top of that by regularly scooping and cleaning out the litter tray with a mild soap and water every few days to keep it smelling clean and fresh.

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Tipping the Litter Tray Over

Not all cats tip their litter tray over. If it happens once, you can write it off as an accident. However, if it happens multiple times throughout the week, you know that your cat is trying to tell you something.

Litter trays that are light, small and too flimsy for your cat(s) will be knocked over very easily. In fact, cats that knock their litter trays over are usually dissatisfied with the size of their litter tray and will require a larger size to suit their needs. Some even knock their litter tray over when the litter is ready to be changed out.

Cats often learn how to use a litter tray very early on in their lives. However, problems can occur that can be worrying to cat owners. Remember, there is always a reason for inappropriate litter tray behaviour in cats. By working at getting to the root cause of the problem, you can help to overcome any issues your cat is having whenever she needs to eliminate.

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