3 Crafts to Make with Baby’s Feet

How can you look at your baby’s tiny little tootsies without wanting to preserve them forever? Baby feet are just so precious and adorable, but they grow WAY too fast. To help preserve that feeling when you hold those tiny little feet in your hands, here are three great crafts (and not just your average ink pad stamping, either).

Tiny Toes Curtains

You’ll Need:

2 sheer cotton curtains for your preferred window

Fabric paints in colors that complement the room you will hang the curtains in

A plastic sheet or shower curtain

Tape the plastic over your table and spread one curtain over the table. You will want to tape this as well, to prevent slipping.

Spread one color of fabric paint on an ice cream bucket lid, making sure that it is fairly thin. Now press your baby’s foot firmly into the paint and then onto the curtain. Repeat until you have the curtain covered in tiny footprints. You may have to do this in several sessions, depending on how cooperative your little one is. Feel free to mix up the colors.

Set the fabric paint according the directions and then hang your curtains in your favorite window to remember those little feet every day.

Baby Foot Stamp

You’ll Need:

Craft foam

Craft knife

A wooden block


Ink pad

Press your baby’s foot firmly onto the ink pad and then onto the craft foam. Wash the baby’s foot thoroughly with soap and water and then you can begin to carve your stamp. This is easier if you first glue the foam to the bottom of the wooden block.

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Now, use the craft knife to cut away the outer edges of the foam, where there is no ink. This should leave you just the foot. Use the craft knife to cut out the bits between toes. The next part is the tricky bit. You will need to shave off any part of the foam that has no ink on it. This will be the little wrinkles on the bottom of the foot, dimples in the toes, etc.

Once you have finished, press your stamp onto the ink pad and then onto paper to test it. Any areas that need work, you can cut away as needed. Now you have that cute little foot ready to be printed on anything you can imagine, from notepaper to birthday cards.

Foot Streamers

You’ll need:

Cardstock in pastel colors



Colored yarn

Trace your infant’s foot on cardstock and cut it out. Use this as the pattern to draw more feet on a piece of cardstock, filling it up with tiny tootsies. Now, stack five or six sheets of cardstock together and cut out all the feet. You will end up with dozens of cute little feet.

Punch a hole in the heel of each foot and string onto yarn, leaving about 2-3″ between each foot. Hang the streamers up to decorate for a baby shower or even just to make a cute nursery decoration.