3 Fun and Unique Dog Tricks

Training your dog unique dog tricks is fun. By watching your dog you can easily find out what unique dog tricks fit your dog’s personality.

Every dog has different behaviors. It is fun to catch your dog doing what is natural. Listed are three of the unique dog tricks I have helped my customers teach their dogs.

‘Wave Bye Bye’ – first on the list of unique dog tricks.

This is an easy dog trick to teach. It is one of the unique dog tricks that build on the common trick ‘shake’.

Have your dog sit. Offer your dog your hand. Once you know your dog will raise his paw in response, pull your hand away. Quickly offer it again before the dog puts his paw down. Repeat this encouraging the dog to raise his paw again. Do this several times and your dog is waving his paw. Practice each time with your hand farther away and soon your dog will add ‘wave bye bye’ to his list of unique dog tricks.

Reward your dog for this dog trick when he raises his paw once. Then only reward when he raises his paw twice. Then reward for his paw waving three time. Now you are teaching unique dog tricks.

‘Bow’ is a unique dog trick.

Unique dog tricks are ones you do not see everyday. This dog trick is not taught it is caught. Most dogs will stretch upon waking. As you see your dog stretching with his front paws and body bowed and his back legs straight; quickly reward him. What puts this on the list of unique dog tricks is dog owners do not take the time to continue catching there dog performing this natural behavior. Continue to reward this dog trick until your dog offers the behavior voluntarily for the treat. When your dog meets someone ask him to ‘bow’. Your friends will love that your dog knows unique dog tricks.

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‘Talk to me’ is one of my favorite unique dog tricks.

A common dog trick is ‘speak’ but this can become annoying once your dog realizes he receives a treat for making loud noises. Among my favorite unique dog tricks is to teach your dog to ‘talk’. The process is similar to speak. You want your dog excited and making noise. As your excited dog makes noise you are going to reward him only when he woos or chirps (not when he barks). Catch something less than a bark. If you stick to it your dog will make the connection between exactly the noise you are looking for and the reward you are giving him.

Success at any of these unique dog tricks depends on timing. Your dog will gladly perform these unique dog tricks if he understands what you want. Reward your dog quickly and as precisely as possible at the moment he offers the unique dog trick you want. Be patient and repetitive. Your dog will do the rest.