3 Fun Free Things to Do Online

Looking for something to do? The internet offers a whole range of fun things to do, many of them that can be done for free!

Fun Free Thing #1: Become a Landowner!

That’s right. Thanks to the web site Own a Piece of America.com (http://www.ownapieceofamerica.com) it is now possible for anyone to become a landowner in any state in the United States of America!

As the site admits the land isn’t much (you only get 1 square inch of free land), but it is entirely legal. Ever wanted to tell your friends that you own some land in Hawaii? Alaska? New York? You can now own land anywhere in the United States that you wish.

In order to prove that you really are a landowner (there is a catch), you have to purchase a deed from the web site. The deeds are incredibly cheap, though, only $2.95 for an electronic deed sent to you through your e-mail, or $5.95 for an actual paper deed mailed to your house. It doesn’t mean much, but it is a fun free thing that you can do online, and the whole process only takes a few clicks. Check it out today!

Fun Free Thing #2: Become an Ordained Minister!

Ever thought that the life of the clergy was the life for you, but didn’t want to go through the hassle of being ordained in one of the more mainstream churches? Wait no more, because now it is possible for you to become an ordained minister in a matter of minutes for free!

The Universal Life Church (http://www.ulc.org) is a non-denominational, ecumenical church started by Reverend Kirby Hensley. The Universal Life Church is a completely legal and officially recognized church, and ordinations offered by the church are in good standing.

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By filling out the brief online form found at their web site you are ordained in minutes and have your ordination emailed to you immediately, free of charge. (The web site does charge for paper copies, as well as the many classes, kits, etc. to assist you in your ministerial life, however none of these purchases are required).

The ULC ordination is entirely legal, and offers you many of the benefits of being a minister, including giving you the authority to officiate weddings. After all, you are a real minister! The process is fast, easy and free and if you’ve ever thought the holy life might be for you this could very well be the way!

Fun Free Thing #3: Publish a Book!

Do you have the next great American novel brewing somewhere inside of you? Ready to write the book that exposes the secret truth that the mainstream media doesn’t want the world to know? Have anything that you want to publish and spread to the world?

Lulu.com (http://www.lulu.com) is the web site for you. They offer POD (Print-on-Demand) self-publishing with absolutely no upfront costs. You write the book, lay everything out, upload it to their system and then they put it up for sale on their web site! (If you wish to distribute your book beyond the Lulu web site there are distribution fees required).

You get to set your own royalties for your book, then Lulu adds their own mark-up (set at 25% of your royalties). For example, if you have a $4.00 markup on your book, Lulu will add another dollar to the price making the new markup $5.00. You keep 80% of the royalties on the total cost of the book.

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Nothing is paid until an actual book is sold, so you are left with none of the hassles of having to pay for publishing, and you pay nothing other than distribution costs (if you so choose). Fun, free and easy (once you’ve got your book written, that part’s up to you!)