3 Fun Things to Do in Arlington, Texas

Are you planning a trip to Arlington, Texas? If so, here are 3 fun things to do in Arlington:

Visit Six Flags Over Texas. Six Flags amusement park, located in Arlington, Texas will keep your family entertained for an entire day. This amusement park has it all, from Ferris wheels to boat ride caves. This park even holds several roller coasters, a variety of sizes for a variety of dare devils and provides an old-timers car ride for those less likely to take risks. When you get hungry, all you have to do is grab a hot dog at the nearest vendor, or you can sit down to a full meal, if you like. This park also provides a picnic area outside the gates, so you can just get your hand stamped and return for more fun once you have eaten and rested from a hard day of play. Be sure to look for discounts on specially marked Coca-Cola cans. Too, the best time to visit this amusement park is during off season because you can get on the rides much quicker. If you go during peak season, the amusement park leaves you baking in the hot sun for approximately 2 hours before you get on each ride, so save yourself the hassle and avoid the crowd. For more information, visit http://www.sixflags.com/overTexas/index.aspx.

Drop in at the Ball Park in Arlington. Do you like major league baseball? Do you want to visit the ballpark home of Nolan Ryan? If so, this baseball field is a must-see park, located in Arlington, Texas. This park is just up the road from Six Flags over Texas, and the park serves as home of the Texas Rangers and will thrill even non-baseball fans with its magnificent structure. You can even eat here, too. The restaurant allows you to view the field in air-conditioned comfort. Of course, it is quite crowded on game day. However, if you go during the week, you will get in quickly, and the best thing is that you may be able to have some fun watching the major league ball players stretch their buns during practice. For more information on dining in at this ballpark, you can visit http://insider.arlington.org/2009/04/17/diamond-club-at-rangers-ballpark/.

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Bargain shop at the Dillard’s Outlet store. If you find yourself ill prepared for your trip to Arlington, Texas, then drive on over to the Six Flags Mall. This mall touts a Dillard’s Outlet store. So, what does this mean for you? Lots of savings, of course. You can get name brand items for a fraction of the usual Dillard’s cost. This store is loaded with all sorts of items, from housewares to clothing. Just think about the best sale you have ever attended at a Dillard’s Department Store and then imagine an even greater slash in prices, and you will get an idea of the bargains you will find at this store. Make sure that you have plenty of time when you go to this store, though; you could enjoy an entire day of fun shopping in this huge outlet.