3 Glucose Control Products for Diabetics

Glucose control products are often used by diabetics to help them control their blood glucose levels. Glucose control products may be used for different reasons or at different times of the day, depending on a diabetic’s current blood glucose condition. For example, some blood glucose products are designed to be used by diabetics when they have low blood glucose levels. Other blood glucose products are designed to help diabetics manage their blood glucose levels over a prolonged period.

Blood glucose products are often taken orally in conjunction with regular medications and exercise. For many diabetics, blood glucose products are an essential component of diabetes management and are just as common as regular exercise, proper nutrition, and medication.

Here are three common glucose control products that are used by many diabetics:

Glucose control tablets

Many diabetics have glucose control tablets on hand to help them quickly control their blood glucose levels when their glucose levels get too low. Blood glucose tablets are generally nickel-sized tablets that have a sugary composition and are ingested by chewing. These blood glucose tablets can help to quickly elevate blood glucose levels because they are quickly absorbed in the mouth, where absorption tends to happen faster than other methods, such as injection or digestion. Blood glucose tablets are designed to have a fruity flavor, such as orange or fruit punch, making them more enjoyable to chew than some other high-glucose substances.

Meal bars

Many diabetics keep meal bars on hand to help regulate their blood glucose levels. A healthy meal bar, such as the Glucerna meal bars, is made with healthy carbohydrates and is supplemented with vitamins and minerals that are healthy. For example, Glucerna meal bars, which are made specifically for diabetics, have 24 essential nutrients as well as vitamins C, E, and A. Meals bars provide sustainable energy without causing a too-high spike in blood glucose levels. They also make a healthy snack or occasional meal substitute.

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Cereals can provide diabetics with a healthy amount of carbohydrates that will give them the energy they need to function effectively throughout the day. Glucerna cereals, like Glucerna bars, are designed specifically for diabetics in mind. One of the important components of this cereal is chromium picolinate, which helps the body’s insulin to work better. In fact, according to a study done in 1997, the addition of chromium picoliante to the daily diet helps diabetics to reduce their blood sugar levels after only a few months of daily use. (source: http://www.diabetesincontrol.com/index.php?option=com_content&view-article;&id;=746)

Cereals also help to minimize glucose spikes by filling the stomach with nutrients and complex carbohydrates that will be broken down throughout the day.

All diabetics develop their own unique preferences to help them manage their blood glucose levels effectively through diet, exercise and medications. These three glucose control products are a helpful start for the diabetic who is looking to augment their existing glucose control practices.