3 Great Craft Stores in Massachusetts

It seems like everything is incorporated these days with our mega malls, super centers, and restaurant chains. Is there anything left that sparks our creative spirit anymore? Turns out there is, if you know where to find it, that is. Massachusetts still has a few local places that love to foster that creative spirit in almost anyone. These craft stores, located on the North Shore of Massachusetts are more than just retail centers. They have that personal touch and activity calenders and events as well!

A.C. Moore

This cute craft store is on the list for reasonable prices and even better selection. Chances are, if you need a special frame for that nifty photoshopped picture you just finished, this is the place to go. Not only do they have one corner of the store dedicated to almost any size or shape of frame, but they offer regular sales to make them even more enticing.

This craft store is located in the Liberty Tree Mall. You can’t get more convenient than that! While you are waiting for your movie to start or for your restaurant buzzer to go off, take a quick stroll over to this craft store. You’ll find a custom silk flower arrangement center, a vast yarn selection, and great kids craft items that will get any youngster excited!

Boston Bead Company

Do you have a teenor tween daughter that you want to reconnect with? How ’bout a great place to go on a first date? Check out this little craft store. With two locations in Cambridge and Salem, what’s not to love about it? Both destinations are full of other unique treasures like Coolidge Corner in Cambridge or the Salem Witch Museum.

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This Craft store offers a calendar of events that can teach people of any level of skill or creativity to love the art of making bead jewelry. Plus, they even offer kids workshops for younger artists in the rough!


Plaster Fun Time

This is a sure bet destination for the kids. Are you sick and tired of birthday parties ending with a huge mess in your living room, or a kid wired to the bone from running around one of those kid gaming restaurants with the ball pits? Try Plaster Fun Time. Your kid just might thank you for it some day.

Not only is this craft store memorable, but it engages kids of any age. The best part about this little dig is that you don’t need an appointment to go, which makes it a great last minute resort when relatives stop by and want to spend time doing something together. Not convinced yet? Just look at the sparkle in grandma’s eye when she gets that little plaster animal that her grandchild made during their special outing. You can bet that will sit proudly right next to her Hummels!