3 Great Free Radio and Music Websites

Everyone loves music and everyone loves listening to it for free. With that said do you know where to go to listen to free music on the internet? If not have no worries because here are 3 sites where you can go and listen to music for free and even download some songs too!



This website has just recently been added to my favorites list. It’s probably the best internet radio website that has been found so far. This website has a very unique feature that you will read about right not. So have you ever heard of Pandora’s Box where the concept is that you open up something and opens up more options. To go into more depth about what this website is all about here is a detailed description. When you go onto the Pandora website you can register to become a member, once you do that you can put in an artist into the radio search box that will cater to the music that you like listening to. For example, you put DJ Sammy into the box and the radio station not only brings up DJ Sammy, but it also plays artists that are similar to DJ Sammy. As you hear the songs you can also rate them thumbs up or thumbs down. If you click thumbs down the radio station will never play the song again. This radio station really caters to the listener’s taste. Some of the great features about it include the fact that you can download some of the songs, and there are no commercials! It’s really great when you have a radio station that has all of your favorite music without any interruptions, and free of cost.

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Yahoo Launch Cast Radio

If you are a yahoo member then you can listen to all kinds of free radio stations on Yahoo Launch. This internet radio is kind of similar to Pandora with a few differences. One is that Yahoo Launch already has a list of radio categories that you can choice from. Some of the radio stations are free and others you can access if you upgrade your membership. If you decide to listen to the free radio stations they come with commercials like normal stations. But the difference from normal stations is that on yahoo you can also rate the songs and by doing that it helps the station cater to you’re specific music tastes. On Yahoo launch you can also make your own station by putting in you’re favorite artists.

Myspace music


Are you a myspace addict? Then don’t worry because you can also listen to music on myspace as well. However myspace does not have a radio website yet, but if you go to the myspace music page and type in the artists you like it brings up their myspace music page. The music pages on myspace include a lot of songs that you can listen to by your favorite artists. It also gives you the option of putting the song on your own myspace page or you can sometimes download the song as well!

These are just a few good places to listen to music on the internet.