3 Great Online Grammar Checkers

When you are writing important documents-whether it be web content, a newsletter, print article or a book, it is important to always double-check your grammar. There is nothing that looks more unprofessional than content with many errors. It is true, that sometimes, errors may go by unnoticed and do get published, but it is ideal to try to have content without any grammatical errors at all.

For those who do not have editors, there are online grammar checkers that writers can use. Some are simple to use and free. There are also grammar checkers that require users to pay a monthly fee or a one time purchasing fee. Some online grammar checkers to consider include Paper Rater, Ginger Software and Grammarly.com.

PaperRater.com is a free online source that content writers can use to check for grammar mistakes, plagiarism, spelling and will give them a “grade” on their work. It is remarkably easy to use and does not require any additional downloads. Users go to the website and click the “use now free” button. The user is then taken to the page where they paste their content into the box, add a title, choose the education level and then agree to the user terms. After completing these steps, the user then clicks the “get report” button. After that button is clicked, any grammatical and spelling errors will be marked. This will help the writer correct his/her mistakes so that they can polish up their content.

Another leading grammar checker is Ginger Software. It is offered as a free downloaded and is extremely easy to use. It can be used with Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Ginger Software will correct grammar mistakes based on the content of the sentence and will even create lessons and quizzes based on a writer’s mistakes. It also offers a text to speech reader and will read emails, documents and web-pages aloud. It has been so successful that it has won awards such as Award of Excellence in 2010 from Tech and Learning, The Distinguished Achievement 2010 and Rookie of the Year Award in 2010 from EdNET Industry.

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One last grammar checker to try is Grammarly.com. It quotes itself as “The World’s Most Accurate Grammar Checker.” Users can get a free trial with their Facebook registration. It has checked over 4 million documents from individuals all over the Internet. There are over 150 plus grammar checks, a plagiarism checker, vocabulary enhancement and a contextual spell checker. After signing up for the free trial, the writer simply pastes his/her text into the “checker” and clicks “start review.” It will begin the process of checking the article content. Once the review has finished, Grammarly will offer a number of different grammar categories to help correct the content. Some of them will include English lessons such as passive voice use, subject and verb agreement, comparing two or more things and modifiers. These “lessons’ will help polish up a writer’s English skills and make their content sound more professional.

So if are a writer who has some trouble with grammar issues or you want your content to look professional, then these online grammar checkers can be of great assistance to you. They are simple to use, free to download or try and will only take a few extra minutes of your time. It is always better to double check your content two or three times before hitting the final “publish” button or submitting it to a website or magazine.