3 Great Online Knitting Magazines

Admit it: you’re addicted to knitting. You dedicate every spare minute to needles and yarn. Your pattern books and magazines are dog-eared from repeated browsing, and your yarn stash is threatening to take over the house.

Like most knitters, you’ve probably experienced bouts of startitis, the feeling that you have to start a new project right now, no matter how many other things you have on the needles. When that urge strikes, your personal pattern collection may not suffice. In that case, it’s time to turn to the wealth of web-based knitting magazines.


Knitty is popular enough among knitters that the servers can rarely handle the load when a new issue comes out. Originally published in spring, summer, fall, and winter issues, Knitty recently changed their publishing schedule to better accommodate the timing of seasonal knitting. Issues now appear in January (winter), April (spring and summer), mid-July (“first” fall), and October (“deep” fall).

The patterns on Knitty are user-submitted and 100% free. The designers and editors aim to fill each issue with patterns that reflect the time of year. Looking for airy summer lace or cozy winter sweaters? Browse the pattern index and find exactly what you’re looking for to make your needles happy.

Another great feature of Knitty is Knittyspin, which includes patterns designed to be knit with handspun yarn. Each pattern has information on what fiber the designer used, how it was prepped, the drafting method used to spin, and the final wraps-per-inch of the finished yarn. A commercial yarn alternative is given for non-spinners, but there’s something especially rewarding about knitting something with yarn you made yourself.

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Navigation at the top of the KnitNet site lets you “page” through the contents, articles, and patterns just like a standard magazine. It costs only $12 a year to subscribe, which gets you six issues published in February, April, June, August, October, and December. Each issue offers a variety of patterns from new and seasoned designers, as well as a variety of articles.

A subscription like this feeds your need for new patterns without filling your house with back issues. If you’re not sure you want to go for a full subscription, you can also browse and purchase patterns individually at the KnitNet web store.

Twist Collective

The best word to describe Twist Collective is gorgeous. A new issue appears three times a year with the focus on showcasing talented designers in a beautiful, professional setting. Anyone seeking delightful patterns from independent designers is welcome to “flip” through each issue. When you find a pattern you like, you can add it to your basket for purchase once you’re done browsing. This setup gives you access to great projects and gives designers a way to be compensated for their unique talent.

The only downside to Twist Collective is that it’s difficult to properly experience the issues on slower Internet connections. The image-heavy nature of the magazine means that it takes a while to load, so dialup users may want to skip this one.

If these great online knitting magazines don’t satisfy your craving for new and unique knitting patterns, don’t worry. There are plenty of other places on the Internet to find beautiful projects to cast on and spend the day knitting. But these three magazines are definitely good starting points.

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