3 Great Sites for Recycling Electronics for Money

If you looking for a little extra money and have different electronics lying around your home, then you should check out these sites. These sites will all pay for all kinds of electronics that you probably have lying around your house.


This site is well known for their recycling program. They accept all types of electronics. This site will send you a bid on your items. So you know what they will offer before you send it to them. There is no sending in a 200 dollar phone and getting 5 bucks back in the mail. This site will take calculators, laptops, digital cameras, video games, cell phones and just about anything else you can think of. All you have to do is head t their site, search for your item, then they will ask you a few questions about your item like what cords do you have and what condition the item might be in. They will then show you a general price that they have offered on models similar to yours and you wait for the bid. If you accept the bid they will send you a prepaid label for you to mail your product back. Once they get the product you will get your check in the mail or you can get a paypal payment if you prefer.


This place works similar to the site above. They don’t send you bids though. You search for the item you want to sell and then they will ask you a few general questions about the item like does it work and what type of accessories you have with the item. Once you have that all answered they will offer you a price right there. If you accept the price they will send you a prepaid label and send you a check or paypal once the item has been received. They also except balk sales so if you have a lot of items they will offer you an even better price.

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This site works a bit different then the rest. They offer trade in’s on certain newer items. If you are the type of person who likes to buy the new and upgraded version of everything then this is the site for you. Once you buy your item, you set up an account here with all your new items. When an upgrade version comes out they will give you a percentage of the price back. If you keep your item in great condition they will give you 50% of your purchase price back within the first 6 months of the new upgrade coming out. If you want to keep it longer then 6 months then they will give you 40% within the first year. If you upgrade a lot of things then this is the perfect set up for you.