3 Great Websites to Edit Your Pictures

Everyone loves taking pictures and making memories. In the digital age, it has become much easier to keep pictures around. You take pictures with your digital camera, and upload them to picture hosting sites such as photobucket. Future generations will have an extensive library of pictures of their parents and grand parents thanks to technology. Most people that take pictures want to edit them as well. Not everyone wants expensive photo editing software to just fix a couple things. Luckily, there is plenty of websites dedicated to free photo editing.


This is a very user friendly site. Almost anyone can jump on this site, upload a photo straight from the homepage, and begin using the preset filters and adjustments. This site was designed for people who want a very quick and easy edit of their picture. The main tab is the “edit” tab. With that you can adjust the lighting, hue, red eye and more. There is also the option to crop and size the picture. There is also the ‘create” tab. In this tab is a ton of features you can use to edit your picture. There are also ways of adjusting each effect that you want to use. If you sign up for a premium account, you can use tools that can completely revamp your picture. The best thing to do is just experiment with each effect to achieve the results desired. After you do all the editing you want, you can simply press on the “save and share” tab to save the picture to the computer, or upload them straight to sites like Myspace, Facebook, and Photobucket.

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Right from the home page, you can start editing with Luna pic. The left side of the screen has a menu that could look similar to Photoshop. While Luna pic may not be as user friendly as picnik, it is still a powerful picture editing website. Along with the simple photo adjustments, this site has unique effects and animations that you can apply to your photo. You can play with all the special effects, adjustments, and animations for hours.


Last, but not least, Fotoflexer is a site that like the previous two, you can just upload a picture and start right away. There is basic adjustments and effects. It may not be as in depth as you would like, but it is an easy site to use. Each option tab has a picture that is relevant to the effect that will be applied. The geek tab, has a curves option. For those of you that are not familiar with how curves work, you grab the diagonal line with your cursor and “bend it” to adjust the different tones. The far left represents the dark tones in the picture, and the far right represents the light tones in the picture.

There are definitely other websites you can use to edit pictures for free. These are just three that you might get good use out of. Happy editing.