3 Guidelines for Straightening Fine Hair

Learning how to straighten fine hair effectively can improve your styling options. There are a variety of tips for straightening fine hair that I have learned by trying useful styling techniques and paying attention to methods that work. Here are a few tips for women and men who want to straighten fine hair for a more smooth style:

Move a Flat Iron Through Hair Quickly.

Flat irons should not be placed on thin hair for more than a few seconds. While they can be effective in straightening fine hair, flat irons are likely to damage your hair if you leave it in one area for a long duration. I also find that thin hair will sizzle and look raggedy if there is a mixture of gels and other styling products applied prior to the straightening session. The same principle can be applied to the number of times that you use a flat iron on sections of the hair in one styling session.

Unlike thick or coarse hair, people with thin strands do not need a lot of heat to achieve straight hairstyles. Separate your hair into multiple sections and press a flat iron through each section twice. Move the flat iron through your hair in a manner similar to brushing or combing, rather than letting the styling tool sit in one section for extended periods of time. Straightening fine hair should take approximately 3 seconds or less for each section of strands, depending on the length of your hair. After straightening sections of fine hair more than once and not getting smooth results, I realized that it was often due to split ends, which can make it difficult to straighten fine hair effectively.

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Prepare Hair Using Heat Protection Products.

The high levels of heat generated by flat irons and other styling tools can cause damage to your hair if the strands of your hair are not treated properly. Use hairstyling products that include heat protection prior to straightening fine hair. Apply heat protection products to your hair after shampooing and conditioning, unless the directions say otherwise. Silk-based hair products can help to strengthen your tresses while protecting them from heat and sun damage. There are also a variety of heat protection sprays and creams that are made specifically for use with straightening tools and can be applied to fine hair. Compare thermal styling products to find one that is light and will not weigh your hair down.

Blow Dry Hair Before Using Flat Irons.

A blow drying session can be effective in straightening fine hair without the need for flat irons. The effectiveness of blow dryers will depend on how fine your hair is, and dryers can also be used to remove unwanted curls or waves before applying a flat iron. Blow dryers help to straighten fine hair without using the excessive heat that is applied directly to the strands when styling with flat irons.