3 Ideas for Shabby Chic Vessel Sinks

Shabby chic vessel sink are all the rage in vintage bathrooms this year. If you want to create one of a kind hand made or unique shabby chic vessel sinks, then you have quite a few options.

The look of a bowl or vessel sitting on top of the counter is a huge trend in bathrooms and really lend itself well to the bathroom and the shabby chic interior design.

I love decorating in a shabby chic or vintage look in the bathroom. It is a charming feel for a room where you prepare to start each day!

Here are 3 ideas for unique one of a kind shabby chic vessel sinks:

Shabby Chic Vessel Sink #1: Vintage Depression glass Bowls

Vintage Depression glass is a huge collectible, so cutting this will have to mean you are really sure you have to have this look! It is definitely worth it though!

Go ahead and measure how large the drain hole needs to be for your vessel sink pipes and hardware. Now, you can either drill this hole in the bottom of your depression era glass bowl or have it done professionally.

I recommend the latter. These bowls can be pricey and you do not want to risk cracking the bowl or ruining it. Install this the same as you would a store bought sink bowl.

Shabby Chic Vessel Sink #2: Vintage Enamel Ware Bowls

For a more vintage or shabby chic vessel bowl sink on a budget, opt for the namely ware bowls. Thee are readily available at the local flea market, antique shop, and online. You can find enamel ware bowls in all white, with a red stripe on the edge or even with a blue stripe on the edge.

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For cutting the hole in the enamel ware bowl to turn it into a vessel sink I recommend contacting your local auto repair shop. They have drills that can easily cut through metal without misshaping the area around the cuts. They do this on cars in their line of work.

Simply ask if they ca drill a hole in the bottom of a metal bowl to the size you need and what they will charge. Around $15 to $20 is more than a fair price!

Shabby Chic Vessel Sink #3: McCoy Pottery Bowls

This idea is my favorite for creating a vintage vessel sink bowl or shabby chic sink bowl. McCoy Pottery is highly recognizable and so easy to find. Even if you opt for a look alike McCoy style bowl , the result will be amazing.

Use a ceramic drill bit to drill the hole to size in the base do the bowl. You can easily do this yourself if you are using reduction bowl. It is a good idea to start out with smaller hole, then cut a larger one around it.

If you are using a favorite McCoy Pottery bowl, then have professional cut it. Tile installers are a great option since they already have the tools needed to drill through as well as cut ceramics.