3 Impressive Engagement Photographers in Atlanta

Some Atlanta wedding photographers offer an engagement photography only shoot. It may last a day and is generally priced from $300-$500 depending on the photographers experience and reputation.

When you choose your photographer in Atlanta, remember that these aren’t just any old pictures. Engagement and wedding photographs help you hold on to your precious wedding memories. These moments can never be relived. It’s best to have your engagement photography taken by a professional you can trust. Many of Atlanta’s photographers will only do engagement photographs as part of a wedding photo package, but you usually save money by purchasing a package, and it will bring consistency to all the photographs of wedding events.

Three of Atlanta’s finest engagement photographers and wedding photographers include Brian Krain Photography, Tracey Brown Photography, and Altmix Photography.

Brian Krain Photography, an Engagement and Wedding Photographer with Passion
Brian Krain defines himself as passionate and he strives to capture the passion of this most important time in your life. Brian doesn’t just offer engagement picture that are nice to view; His goal is to offer photographs that will invoke you and others to feel the passion and excitement of your engagement and wedding. BKCphoto.com is where you’ll find all the information you need about Brian Krain Photography’s wedding and engagement photos.

Brian is the kind of photographer who will pack up his camera and go with you. He’ll stick with you from your engagement photos to the reception. Take a look at Brian’s beautiful work on his website, and you’ll understand when I say “he will go with you,” I mean travel, including far away from Atlanta.

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Brian is best described as alive. His photographs are vibrant and enchanting. He’ll bring that life to your engagement photos and your wedding photos. He is an awesome guy and a talented photographer. Once you see his work, you may not be satisfied with anyone else. Work out your wedding package and pricing by contacting Brian.

Brian Krain Photography
[email protected]

Tracey Brown Photography: Award Winning Wedding Photography
If you would like a mixture of candid photographs and traditional engagement photographs check out Tracey Brown Photography. A quick glance at this photographer’s website and you will understand why she was voted “Best of Weddings” by the knot and received the “Bride’s Choice Award” in 2009. She is a photographer who makes Atlanta proud.

Tracey’s work could best be described as fresh and professional. You’ll get plenty of traditional engagement photographs, but you will also get so much more from Tracey Brown Photography. You’ll sign her for your whole wedding package. An entire wedding package begins at $3295, which includes Tracey and an additional wedding photographer, engagement photography session, high resolution DVD, easy online viewing and ordering, and a special web slide presentation of your wedding. Tracey will work with you to build the package you want.

Tracey Brown Photography
[email protected]

For Exclusive Engagement Photography or a Wedding Photography Package: Atlmix Photography
Altmix is one of the engagement photographers in Atlanta that offer a day shoot only, separate from their wedding package. However, once you see their engagement photographs, you will probably want to hire them for the entire event. A package is usually less expensive in the long run.

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Altmix all day engagement photography sessions start at $500, wedding packages start at $3900.

Not only are the photographers, Matt and Kate, consummate professionals and artists, but they are approachable and will work with you to get the shots that you want. You’ll have a positive experience should you choose to work with Altmix for your engagement photographs or your wedding package.

Visit their online gallery to appreciate their “photographic eye” and creativity. I think you’ll love their photos.

Altmix Photography
[email protected]

You may find less expensive engagement and wedding photographers in Atlanta, but you will find none more talented, creative, and flexible than Altmix, Tracey Brown, and Brian Krain.