3 Inexpensive Wedding Favors You Can Make

Wedding favors can be a big budget buster for a wedding couple. There are many ways that you can cut back on this cost but still have wonderful wedding favors. Some you can make yourself, others you enhance cheaper items to make them appear that you spent a great deal of money on them.

1. Candy bags favors:

These are inexpensive to make. All you need is some fancy fabric to make the bags to hold the candy in. Get some fancy matching ribbon for a drawstring and some candy. If you are going to attach a tag to the bags, you will want to get some fancy cardstock to make the tags.

You can use Candy Kisses or M&M;’s to put in the bags. On the side of the bag you will want to add a personalized touch with your names on the bag. You can print off your information on the computer using iron on paper which you can then iron on to the fabric. Or Print off little tags that you can attach to the ribbon that is used as a drawstring.

Depending on how many you need to make, you can have these sewed several months in advance and candy added right before the wedding. You can order special color M&M;’s from Hershey’s website, this will add a personalized touch to your wedding.

2. Personalized Candy Wrappers

You can find these online by looking for Candy Wrapper Template. But the approximate size that you need is 4 7/16 by 4 ΒΌ inches. You can fit 2 of these per one sheet of paper. If you do this in Microsoft Publisher you move things around easier when you are designing them. These will fit standard size candy bars. After you print them you then wrap the wrapper around the candy bar and tape it on. You can design your own template by wrapping a piece of paper around the candy bar you are going to be using then measuring it. This can be fun to create your own wrappers. The nice thing about designing wrappers is that you don’t have to put them only on candy bars.

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3. Giving Candles as favors

You can buy plain votive candles at a warehouse and really decorate them to make them personalized for favors. Pick out the candles that you like and then you can print off stickers and add some silk flowers and a ribbon to each one. These don’t have to be votive candles any candy you can find in a container in your budget can be substituted and decorated to be personalized for your wedding favors. Pillar candles can also be dressed up to give as favors. You can glue on some flowers and ribbon and add a tag to them to make them personalized candle favors.

These are just 3 suggestions to make your favors for your wedding without going over budget. There are many other ways that you can make your own wedding favors that will be remembered for years to come.