3 Milk Carton Crafts for Sunday School

When we work with young children in a Sunday School classroom, we have a message to share. Often we are sharing the gospel, or a Bible Story. Crafts can be a fun, hands on way to help represent the story and give your little learners something to take home to remind them of the message and a great conversation starter for sharing it with others. Sometimes we have lesson plans with craft ideas and other times we are left to come up with our own craft ideas. Milk cartons are generally plentiful and stock up fast and there are so many great Sunday School crafts that can be created from a milk carton.

Make a basket for baby Moses.

The story of baby Moses, put into a basket by his family and placed in a river for safety, is a favorite story of young children. It is a great story of love and faith and the amazing way God works out his plans from Exodus.

How can you use a milk carton?

Before the class, turn the milk cartons on their sides and cut a slit along three of the sides so that there is a “flap” that will lift up. Milk cartons can be covered with “reeds” made from strips of paper bags applied with Mod Podge. If enough Mod Podge is used, the baby Moses basket will actually float as kids celebrate the amazing plans God had for Moses.

Make a bird feeder to celebrate creation.

The story of creation, in Genesis, is another young kid favorite. God created the animals of the land and the sea and the sky and gave man dominion over them.

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How can you use a milk carton?

A milk carton can make a great bird feeder. Before the class cut a square out of two of the parallel sides for the birds to enter. Allow kids to decorate milk cartons with scraps of paper. Covering with a layer of Mod Podge will provide some weather proofing for the bird feeder. Kids can also decorate with natural touches like little pinecones, acorns or twigs. Punch a hole in the top of the milk carton to insert a hanger. Chenille stems are easy hangers to use. Be sure to give each child a baggie of birdseed to put inside of the bird feeder to hang as they celebrate God’s amazing creation.

Create a unique Noah’s ark.

Children love the story of Noah’s ark from Genesis. Faithful Noah built an ark and loaded his family and the pairs of all of the animals onto the ark to save them from the flood.

How can you use a milk carton?

A milk carton turned onto the side will make a fabulous ark. Before the children come to class, cut the top side off of the milk carton. Again, you can cover the milk carton with strips from brown paper bags. A covering of Mod Podge is optional but creates a nice finish.

Short cut: Sure you can cut out and color little pairs of animals but a great short cut is to use animal stickers, perching them along the top edge.

Teacher tip: Another teacher tip is to punch a hole in either end of the ark and tie on a string so that kids can carry their Noah’s ark home easily to celebrate this great story of faithfulness.