3 of Atlanta’s Best Indian Restaurants

There is no shortage of exceptional dining in Atlanta regardless of your budget. The cultural diversity of the city demands that ethnic restaurants play a major role in Atlanta diners’ experiences. Indian cuisine is just one of the many ethnic foods you will find to enjoy in Atlanta.

The following are among the best Indian Restaurants in Atlanta, inside the perimeter.

Best Indian Restaurants in Atlanta – Indian Delights

Indian Delights is a vegetarian Indian cuisine restaurant. While it isn’t much to look at from the store front, it isn’t the ambiance or location that keep Atlanta foodies flocking back to Indian Delights. It is the delicious, quality food at reasonable prices. Don’t let the cafeteria style fool you, the food is great. Imagine a blend of creatively seasoned Indian grains and vegetables that will delight your senses and fill you up. There is always a variety of creative and tasty choices.

Be sure to try the Masala dosa, a large crepe stuffed with curried potatoes, or an exquisite soup with homemade noodles. Another favorite is lentil doughnuts with coconut chutney, but it is the powerful, hot sauces and spices that attract authentic Indian food lovers.

Indian Delights is closed on Mondays, but open every other day of the week for lunch and dinner. You will know you have found authentic Indian cuisine as a treasure and a bargain, as a typical meal costs less than $15.

Indian Delights
1707 Church Street
Atlanta / Decatur, GA

Best Indian Restaurants in Atlanta – Raja

For more delicious Indian fare try Raja Indian Restaurant. Raja has been an Atlanta area favorite for over 20 years. Raja features vegetarian and rice dishes, but the tandoori entrees are a crowd pleaser. If you want cookie-cutter Indian cuisine then Raja is not the place for you. If, however, you truly appreciate the authentic use of Indian spices and magnificent blend of flavors give Indian delights a try. Entrees cost between $15 and $30.

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Raja Indian Restaurant
2955 Peachtree Road, NE
Atlanta, GA
404 – 237 – 2661

Best Indian Restaurants in Atlanta – Niramish Indian Cuisine & Take-Out

Situated in the eclectic and multi-cultural Little Five Points District, Niramish Indian Cuisine & Take-Out is a favorite for authentic Indian cuisine at reasonable prices. Dim lights and candles await diners who wish to enjoy delicious Indian cuisine. Niramish has lots of vegetarian options and you can grab lunch at the take-out for less than $10. Dinner entrees are a little more, between $15 and $30, most people prefer to stop by Niramish for lunch because of the price increase for dinner.

Niramish Indian Cuisine & Take-Out
1138 Euclid Avenue
Atlanta, GA

Everyone’s taste for Indian food is a bit different, but for authenticity and price I believe these are three of the best options Atlanta has to offer for Indian dining.