3 of the Best Children Card Games

What are some of the Best Children’s Card Games?

The best children’s card games will depend on their age, interests, and attention span. There are a variety of very affordable cards games for all children that will help nurture and develop cognitive skills, in addition to fine motor skills, motivation and self-esteem. Children card games can also foster the ability for a child to entertain him or herself as well as develop team work. Many of the best children card games does not require any rules or instructions to be read since the concept and rules are transferred by ear from generation to generation, from child to child.


Memory is an all time classic that my family enjoyed playing when I was a kid. Memory was produced by the Hasbro Company in 1966. The card game has evolved into different versions and has many character themes such as Toy Story, SpongeBob, Star Wars, Dora the Explorer and Spider Man.

What makes Memory one of the best children card games is that it requires no reading, so toddlers and preschoolers can learn this game quickly. The concept of the game is to flip the faced down cards to find matching pairs. The person who finds the most matching pairs wins, however you can play this game by yourself. The memory of the player is relied upon to locate matching cards. This game not only builds memory skills, it also improves concentration. I still play it today with my children. You can find your favorite themed Memory game by Hasbro at www.hasbro.com or at major stores like Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, or Target for $9.99 or less.

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Go Fish

Go Fish is one of the best children’s card games for young children because its concept and rules requires a child to use strategy, memory, social skills and honesty. This fun game can be played with two to five players from 3 years old and up. This old time classic is now available in many appealing themes. I Spy now have a version of Go Fish game. You can find this game at major stores like Toys R Us, Wal-Mart or www.amazon.com for $5.99 or less.


Uno is our family get together ritual. It may be one of the best children’s games to play, however adults still love it and will jump at a chance to play it with children. Uno is recommended for children 7 years or older considering the Uno game requires a higher level of strategy. You have to know to save important cards, know when to put down those cards, and conceal your hand. I believe another reason why Uno is one of the best children card games is because it can be played with ten people. That many children playing a card game is a fun and exciting way to keep the kids busy or a great party activity.

Uno was invented in 1971 by a Barber. The Mattel Company now manufactures this exciting game. This game is available in many versions and hundreds of different themes, including football teams. There is now a language-free version and an X-Box 360 version. You can buy Uno at all major retail stores. Prices depend on the version, but you can get the classic version for $6.99 or less. If you want to master the skill of Uno there are websites available with Uno tips such as http://www.unotips.org/multiplayer.html and http://www.unotips.org/tells.html. Uno also has an official website you can visit at http://www.letsplayuno.com .

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Best children card games should be defined by how it benefits the child educationally, developmentally and socially. Cards with pictures, numbers and shapes have always been a proven method in teaching a child to develop these skills. Many of this best children card games consists of all three and are very inexpensive making it easy for any child to have fun and learn.