3 Oils to Use on Dry Hair

When using the baby oil, VO-5 Hot Oil Treatment, and Olive Oil, I have found using a shower cap or plastic shopping bag a better way to get the oils to penetrate my hair faster. The heat from my head inside either item helps open the hair for the oil to go deep inside the hair strands.

Baby Oil Dry Hair Treatment

I have used baby oil in various amounts over the years depending on the length of my hair. The amounts listed below are the amounts I have used with thick to thinner hair. If you have thicker hair that is dry, use half to double the amount again.

The shorter the hair; the smaller amount that will need to be used. About a dime sized amount will be the amount needed for hair styles that are no longer than your chin.

From chin-length to shoulder length will take approximately an amount the size of a quarter. If you feel this amount is not sufficient, you can use more until your hair is covered.

Longer hair will take a bit more. Two half dollar amounts, depending on how far past the shoulders your hair is, will be sufficient.

I have found the smaller bottles of baby oil at Dollar Tree for $1. This has lasted me for a couple of years because I only do it three times a year at the most.

VO-5 Hot Oil Treatment for Dry Hair

This is another treatment for dry hair I have used. The VO-5 Hot Oil Treatment I used had three tubes in the box. Since the last time I used this brand name treatment, new flavors have came out on the market.

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The VO-5 Hot Oil Hair Treatments are the second least expensive way to fix dry hair. It runs from around $3.30 to just over $10 depending on size and where bought.

Olive Oil Treatment for Dry Hair

Since olive oil is rather expensive even for the smallest store brand bottle, I do not use this method very often. It does work in a pinch when I need to refreshen my hair before I am able to get a haircut.

How Long Should You Leave the Oil in Your Hair?

The VO-5 Hot Oil Treatment will tell you how long in the instructions. Since the baby and olive oils will not be heated, you will want to leave them on for one hour minimum and two hours maximum.

Washing Out the Oils

It will take 2-3 washings to remove the excess oil from your hair. Wash your hair with your favorite shampoo as normal.

Having had dry hair problems all my life, I have found three different types of oils to use. There was a four year period when I did not have to use any of these oils due to working in fast food. That type of oil took care of spending the money to treat my hair at home.