3 Online Wedding Lingerie Stores to Complete Your Wedding Night

Weddings aren’t just about walking down the aisle, ladies. When your wedding day ends you’ll need to end it with a bang — and that bang should be in the bedroom. Too shy about buying wedding lingerie in a store? Take your pursuit online with three online retailers that’ll give a bang for your buck — literally!

1. Trashy. You’ll love Trashy’s sexy selection modeled by Trashy’s select alternative models. Dita Von Teese, burlesque dancer formerly married to Marilyn Manson, models some lingerie also. Check out their extensive Trashy Collections for some sexy, intimate wedding lingerie, including the Marie Antoinette Collection. The Marie Antoinette Collection are Antoinette-inspired lingerie with flirty ruffles and baby-colored bows, made from sensuous material that’s meshy where it counts. It’s simple enough for wear under a wedding gown, yet sexy enough to wear to consummate the wedding night.

Trashy also has an extensive Bridal Collection line. Pick up some sexy accessories, revealing lingerie, or bust-bearing corsets for your wedding night. These lingerie selections are lacy and pure white, ruffled in all the right places. Expect to spend around $200 if you plan to stock up here for your wedding night. Trashy also has a bargain section where you can get sexy lingerie for under $75.

2. Victoria’s Secret. You don’t need to go to a store to get lingerie from Victoria’s Secret. Modeled by the world-famous Victoria’s Secret models, these sexy selections accommodate all budgets and styles. Check out their Bridal Collection made especially for wedding night wear. Lingerie here is simple, lacy, classy and sexy, with plenty of sleek, meshy lines and babydolls that barely cover your virgin bum.

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Want something more colorful? Check out Victoria’s Secret Silk and Satin Collection. From playful blue to sexy burgundy, this line hosts some of the most flirtiest lingerie offered by Victoria’s Secret. For a playful look, try a sexy, satin babydoll. For a more mature look, try a revealing slip that hugs all the right curves. Your new husband will be glad this wedding night won’t be over soon.

Note: prices range from $20 to $100, so choose wisely.

3. Agent Provocateur. How could we forget Agent Provocateur, the definition of lingerie? Agent Provocateur offers a lot more than their revealing bras — pick up a whip or satin mask for added suspense.

Agent Provocateur’s Classic Collections is a bit dark for virginal lingerie, but perhaps that isn’t a bad thing mon ami? This collection is black, sultry, seductive and mysterious, the perfect way to end your wedding night. These lingerie designs are clean, classic and simple, easily worn under a wedding dress. Complete this set with relaxing massage oils, including rose and ylang ylang oils.

If that isn’t your fancy, check out their Manor Range Collection. This collection looks like Paris but wears like silk with maid-inspired designs and sheer fabric. The designs are clean, classy but flirty in certain areas, with detailed patterns falling cleanly over sheer fabric. Wear this collection on your wedding night and chances are it won’t be on for long.

Prices here range from $70 to well over $150. The prices are steep, so make this wedding night investment lifelong.

Ordering Wedding Lingerie? Read This
Before you place your order, make sure you know three things:

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– Know your measurements. You want to make sure the lingerie fits every curve on your body. If you don’t know your measurements, take an old-fashioned measuring tape and measure yourself — bust, waist, hips, thighs, and chest.

– Know their shipping policy. If you need the lingerie by your wedding date and it’s looming too close, see if you can get it rush ordered. Call their customer service number or email them. Be warned that it’ll cost more to get that wedding lingerie in time.

– Know who you are. You want to be confident when you wear your lingerie. Confidence is sexy. Try on your lingerie and look at yourself in the mirror. Smile. Pose a few times. Know that you’re the sexiest thing to your soon-to-be husband and he’ll love being with you for the rest of his life. Wear it around the house. Cook with it. Wear it until you feel confident and sexy. Be proud of yourself! Wear it under your wedding dress and know that your wedding night will be the greatest night of your life — for you and him.