3 Passive Income Examples for People Who Want to Retire in Their 30s, 40s, 50s

It seems that it is inevitable, that you have to find a job, work 40 hours a week, work five days a week, and work with stupid bosses and coworkers, and also work 35-40 years , to collect social security, and retire. but there are ways you can earn enough passive income to cover your living expenses, and retire in 5 years, instead of 35 to 40 years. These are the the 3 passive income examples, you can use to earn predictable passive income, and they are affiliate marketing, network marketing, and starting and having your own vending machine business.

The first of 3 passive income examples is, Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing in a nutshell is, selling other peoples products. Affiliate marketing have 4 roles in it. They are the affiliate network, the merchant, the affiliate, and the consumer.

One example of a affiliate network is clickbank. Clickbank is a network of over 10,000 digital products. Merchants can sell their products on the clickbank affiliate network for a fee. One example of a merchant will be walmart, and walmart will pay a fee to clickbank , to sell on clickbanks network, and recruit affiliates.

Now we come to the third role in affiliate marketing , which is the affiliate. This is where you come in. Your job as a affiliate, is to send traffic to walmarts website, using varies strategies like, seo, article marketing, pay per click advertising, and in return, walmart will pay you a percentage of the sale, which is your commission.

Now you may say, Why would walmart and other companies for that matter, Do this? Well they do this to save on advertising costs. Of course threes the fourth and last role, and that is the consumer. That can be you or me, who buys the products from walmart.

Now you may say, How is affiliate marketing, going to create predictable passive income for me, so i can retire early? Well, this is how affiliate marketing will create predictable passive income for you.

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First, you will have to find out , what products people are searching for online. The way you would do that is, to go to google, and type in a keyword. Lets say the keyword is basketball, and then you will see a top ten listing on google, with the keyword, basketball in it.

On the the top right hand side, you will see 1-10 out of 100,000, and the 100,000, is the number of websites, competing for the keyword basketball. Well , you want the number of competing websites, to be alot less than 100,000, so you can rank in the top 10 on google for your chosen keyword.

Also you need to make sure enough people are searching for your chosen keyword, at least a 100 a day. Once you have done your keyword research. You will need a merchant to affiliate with, so you can recommend their products and earn your commission.

So now you would go to the affiliate network , we talked about earlier, clickbank. Now clickbank has different categories of products, from business to sports. Now lets say your keywords are related to basketball. You would click on the sports category, and find a product, that matches the basketball related keywords, and sign up as a affiliate, for their basketball ebook, and they will give you a affiliate link, to promote their basketball ebook.

Now your job is to promote your link. Now you may say, How am I going to promote my link, and send enough traffic to my merchants website, and earn predictable income? Well, there are many strategies, you can use , to generate traffic to your chosen merchants website.

Strategies like, pay per click advertising, article marketing, forum marketing, search engine optimization. Once you send enough traffic to your chosen merchants website, using the strategies I just mentioned, the consumers will come to your merchants website , and you will earn commissions, automatically, and that is, how you will earn predictable passive income thru affiliate marketing.

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The Second of 3 passive income examples is, Network Marketing. Network Marketing consists of, companies selling products, and recruiting distributors, and compensating them for selling their products.

Now you may say, How can I make predictable passive income, using network marketing? Well, you would go on one of the search engines, and type in network marketing companies, and will find a bunch of network marketing companies, you can sign up for, as a distributor.

Now , once you decide which network marketing company you want to become a distributor with, you will then , be instructed to order some of the companies products, and fill out some information, your name, mailing address, phone number, and email address.

Now, you will see a persons name on the form, thats the person who will get credit , for bringing you into the business. Now this person will be your sponsor, also known as your upline. Now the the sponsors job is to get you better acquainted with the companies products, compensation plan, and answer all of your questions and concerns. Also, to be an encouragement to you, when you get discouraged. Its in your sponsors best interest to help you, because any money you make, your sponsor gets a piece of it.

Now, your job as a distributor of the network marketing company is, to continue to purchase and use the companies products, to maintain your monthly sales volume. You will also be required to, go out and recruit other people, and build your own sales organization, and you will be their sponsor, and they will be your down line, earning you predictable passive income. Now be careful, and do your due diligence. Some of these network marketing companies will be scams.

Now, the third of 3 passive income examples is,starting and having your own vending machine business, and with your own vending machine business, you can sell sodas, snacks, and gum balls. Now, soda and snack machines may cost you $600.00 to $3,000 a piece, and gum ball machines, may cost you $100,00 a piece.

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Now you may say, I don’t have the money for these machines, How do I get the money? Well,some vending machine companies may offer financing. You can borrow the money from family and friends, or use your credit cards.

First you must decide, what you want to sell. Then you must find locations, for your vending machines. You can put your machines in grocery stores, schools, and gas stations. But keep in mind, these locations may want a percentage of your profits. Now, you will have to keep these machines stocked up. Either you can do it yourself, which you probably will have to do in the beginning, until you make enough profit, to pay somebody else to do it for you. Now, if you decide to have soda and snack machines, You will have to re stock the machines, once a week, and gum ball machines once a month.

Now you are saying, How will starting and having my own vending machine business earn me predictable passive income? Well, lets say you own 5 soda vending machines,and they are each, making you $100 a week thats 5 times 100 = $500 a week, and you will only have to fill your machines once a week. What would you do the rest of the week? Anything you want! If you kept buying more machines, and adding more locations, the sky’s the limit.

In conclusion, There are many passive income examples out there. I hope these 3 passive in examples, leads you to the predictable passive income you desire.