3 Places to Buy a Cheap Laptop Computer

Laptop computers are less expensive today than they were three years ago. However, a new laptop can still cost more than $2,500. Often, a laptop that includes many of the powerful new features available today will cost above $3,000.

If you are living on a budget and do not have $3,000 to spend on a new laptop, the resources in this article will definitely help you. I’m going to reveal three places where you can buy a great laptop computer without digging into your rent or grocery money.

Place #1: Buy A Laptop On eBay.com

You can buy a new or used laptop on eBay.com that will often cost far less than the same model in your local Best Buy or Fry’s Electronics. Many times, laptops are sold by their owners when new models are made available to the market. In order to raise the funds to purchase the new models, owners will auction their older models on eBay. This creates an environment where you can find a laptop very cheaply.

For example, visit eBay.com and explore the laptop auction listings. Currently, there is a Toshiba Centrino laptop that comes with plenty of features and additional accessories such as a free docking port. The highest bid is $340 with only 6 minutes left in the action. There is also a Dell XPS laptop auction. The highest bid is currently $425 and there is less than 1 minute left in the auction.

You can find many great deals on laptop computers on eBay. Take a moment to visit eBay.com to search through the laptop auctions.

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Place #2: Buy A Laptop On CraigsList.org

CraigsList.org works differently than eBay.com. Rather than bidding for items in an auction environment, you simply find the item you would like to purchase and contact the seller. Though CraigsList.or works differently than eBay.com, the reasons for which laptops are offered at great prices are the same. Sellers often want to buy new laptop models. They need funds to do so and are willing to sell their laptops very cheaply.

Take a moment to visit CraigsList.org. Search for “laptop” in the “Computers & Tech” section. Currently, there is a Gateway laptop MX series selling for $800. There is also an Apple MacBook selling for $1,099. Though these prices seem higher than those on eBay.com, you may be able to negotiate a lower price with the seller.

Place #3: Buy A Laptop From Your Local College

College students usually need money. They also like new gadgets. These circumstances work in your favor. Approach a college student and offer to buy their laptop. Often, the student will be open to selling their current laptop. After all, they are always looking for ways to make money. It is also common for students to receive new laptops as gifts from family members, thereby making their current model unnecessary. If this is the case, they may be very open to selling their current laptop cheaply.

Laptop computers can be costly if you are living on a budget without much discretionary income. But, by looking in the three places above, you can often find a great laptop with all of the features you need for a price well below what you would otherwise have to pay.