3 Reasons I’m Glad I Used an Infant Care Chart

When our new baby came into the picture, there was a lot to keep track of. Some parents might be able to just “wing it,” but I wasn’t one of those moms. I do much better when I am able to write things down and keep track of them over time. When I created an infant care chart to document feedings, naps, and diaper changes, I felt more in control, secure, and competent as a mom. The infant care chart came in handy for these three reasons during my daughter’s first eight months of life.

My infant care chart helped me identify my baby’s needs

My infant care chart helped me to figure out what my baby needed when she cried. As a new mom, I was completely overwhelmed by caring for my baby. Keeping an infant care chart helped me to identify my baby’s needs at any moment in time. For example, if I had marked down the time she last awoke, I could determine whether or not she was crying because she was ready for another nap. I could also use the charts to prepare for doctor’s appointments so that the pediatrician could help me determine whether she needed to, for example, eat more or sleep less.

My infant care chart helped me establish a routine

For me, one of the greatest benefits of using an infant care chart was being able to use it to establish a routine with my baby. Looking back at her charts, I could identify emerging nap patterns, which helped me work toward consistent nap times in her later months. The infant care chart also helped me notice that she liked to eat less in the morning and “tank up” in the evenings.

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My babysitters used my infant care chart

Once my maternity leave ended, I provided our full-time babysitter with an infant care chart to fill out each day. Not only did this help me to keep more complete records, it also allowed me to see where my babysitter had left off with the baby’s routine when I picked her up from work. Since I wasn’t with her all day during the week, the infant care charts helped me to know how to best care for her when weekends rolled around. I could also use the infant care chart if someone different happened to be watching the baby during a date night or if our regular babysitter had the day off.

You can visit my blog to see a copy of the infant care chart I used.

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