3 Romance Tips for Men on a Budget

Contrary to popular belief, romance isn’t about going to fancy restaurants and dressing uncomfortably while you’re served by a French waiter that thinks too highly of his own establishment. Romance is about creating memories that serve to deepen your love further ‘” memories that the two of you can look back on fondly any time you are concerned about your relationship.

There’s no reason to spend a fortune on expensive dates that will ultimately lead to fights about how you can’t budget your money. Romance only requires that you do something ‘” anything ‘” that helps you grow as a couple.

Romance Tip for Men #1: Be Inventive

The most effective way to create long lasting, romantic memories is to try to be inventive with your dates. Do things that no guy before you will have done before. The more outrageous the idea, the more a memory will be created. For example, instead of simply going to a romantic park, you can go to a romantic park with a metal detector while dressed as 1970’s pop culture icons, strolling the beach in search of lost jewelry (which you are welcome to strategically place around the park, although it’s not necessary). That will create a memory she won’t soon forget.

Romance Tip for Men #2: Be Spontaneous

The idea of “spontaneity” has been overused to the point of becoming clich©, but there is no denying that it has serious romantic influence. When she’s coming over to watch a movie or eat Chinese restaurant leftovers, treat her to something much more unexpected and extravagant. It doesn’t need to be expensive. You can even do it in the comfort of your own home, treating her like a princess for a day. As long as she’s not expecting it, it will be powerful.

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Romance Tip for Men #3: Be Thoughtful

Once again, we go to another idea that has become clich©. But the reality is that if you can show her you actually pay attention, everything you do will be seen through the romantic lens. For example, if she has to leave to go somewhere before finishing a movie with you, you can set up the movie to the exact spot she missed, keep it on cue, and let her finish first thing while you treat her to chocolate and a back massage.

Low Cost Romance

Finally, if you want to be incredibly romantic, you can combine all three ‘” finding the perfect blend of inventiveness, spontaneity, and thoughtfulness that is sure to create a memorable time. Being romantic isn’t about buying expensive dinners and enjoying a horse ride on the beach. Being romantic is to surprise her by taking her to a dodge ball tournament while wearing funny hats and sneaking in her favorite candy. Any guy can do it, as long as they do it in a way that no one has done before.