3 Romantic Weekend Getaways in Ohio

Mini vacations are good for the soul and your relationship. Ohio has wonderful destinations to choose from. The following choices are perfect places to unwind, be treated like royalty and even learn to surf!

The Inn & Spa at Honey Run. Located in Holmes County this full service bed and breakfast offers both privacy and pampering. The amenities are amazing; full service spa, warm hospitality and award winning cuisine.

You do not have to travel far to receive the royal treatment. The Inn & Spa at Honey Run is within 2 hours of both Cleveland and Columbus in Millersburg, Ohio, right in Amish Country.

The Inn & Spa of Honey Run
6920 County Rd. 203
Millersburg, Ohio 44654-9018
1-800-708-9394 or 330-674-0011

Speaking of royal treatment, Ravenwood Castle is an unforgettable weekend getaway in Ohio. Hocking Hills is an out of the ordinary location. Great for families with kids, or just you and your spouse. They offer lots of hiking opportunities as well as climbing, go-carts, swimming and bird watching, birds of prey, that is. 25 miles of hiking trails, unusual rock formations and loads of waterfalls.

The accommodations at Ravenwood are amazing. Stay in the castle itself and enjoy a King Arthur room, the Duke and Duchess room or choose the dungeon and have direct access to the gardens. All the theme rooms are cleverly decorated and have their own special feel.

Out on the grounds, there are unique camping options. Stay in a Medieval cottage, Fairytale cabin or, my favorite, one of the gypsy wagons. Either way you can enjoy dining in the Great Hall or stop by the Tea Room or Gift Shop.
The prices are reasonable, and comparable to a stay at a cookie cutter hotel. Starting at just $50 a night for the gypsy wagon to the spacious two bedroom Silversmith House at $250 a night.

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Two night reservations are preferred for weekends and three nights during peak holidays.

Ravenwood Castle
65666 Bethel Road
New Plymouth, Ohio 45654
1-800-477-1541 or 740-596-2606

Another out of the ordinary get away is Kalahari Resort. A large indoor waterpark located in Sandusky, Ohio. Again, you can take the family or just go as a couple. There is plenty to do here for everyone. 80,000 square feet of African themed adventure and 596 African themed guest rooms and suites.
Try out surfing, or boogie boards, hang out in the lazy river or hit the spa. I love get away weekends that offer something out of the ordinary.

Escape and relax for a day or two without having to pay for plane fare or the hassle of being very far from home.
Sandusky is within 2 hours of Cleveland and if you want to make it a longer trip, take a day out at Cedar Point as well. Packages vary and they often run specials. The average cost of a nights stay is approximately $200. This includes the fantastic waterpark, spa and other activities on the premises.

Kalahari Resorts
7000 Kalahari Drive
Sandusky, Ohio