3 Southern Breakfast Ideas

If I say so proudly myself, the South has the best food hands down! Some of us eat fresh from the farm and/or hunt for our meals. Others can buy typical Southern country items at a local market or grocery store. For breakfast we Southerners eat ham, eggs, brains, deer / venison, sausage, bacon, jams, jellies, the list goes on for miles! We don’t skimp on grease either! If you want to create a Southern breakfast, here are 3 easy recipe ideas.

Deer Sausage Biscuits: In the South during the Fall a lot of people hunt deer. The meat is made into sausage, burgers, etc. Ask around and get your hands on venison sausage; it makes a great Southern breakfast. For deer sausage biscuits, you’ll need a frying pan, oil or PAM cooking spray, biscuits (either heat and eat or homemade), cheese slices, and mustard and ketchup if you like. Spray your pan with PAM or coat the bottom with a little oil. Make the deer sausage into round patties to a size that will fit into your biscuits. Place the patties into the frying pan and cook until done. Your biscuits should be ready and pulled apart by the middles, ready for the sausage. Once the sausage is done, you can lay a slice of cheese over the top so it melts onto the patty, if you want cheese that is. Lay the patty onto the biscuit. Add your condiments and serve.

Brains and Eggs: Another popular Southern breakfast food is Brains and Eggs. It sounds gross to some but it’s actually tasty. It’s pretty much as it’s name implies, pork brains and scrambled eggs. My mom used to make Brains and Eggs for breakfast, and I don’t think she ever told me it was actual brains in it. You can imagine why. I didn’t find out until I was a little older and could read, I saw a can of it and “pork brains” was a listed ingredient! It didn’t matter then because, well, Brains and Eggs was delicious!

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Here’s how you make it: You’ll need a can of pork brains (Rose Brand), 2 tablespoons of bacon grease (optional, regular cooking oil may suffice), 4 eggs, 1/3 cup of milk, and salt and pepper to taste. Place either the grease or oil in the bottom of the frying pan. Add in the pork brains. In another bowl whisk eggs and milk. Then pour egg mixture into the brains. Stir and cook until eggs are scrambled, fluffy, and done.

Bacon Cheese Grits: Grits is a typical Southern breakfast food. You can add mounds of butter, cheese, bacon, or even sausage to make grits to your own liking. A really good Southern breakfast idea with grits is to make Bacon Cheese Grits.

You’ll need 2 cups of grits or packages of instant grits, 4 cups of chicken stock (in place of traditional water), butter, package of bacon, Velveeta or shredded cheese (any kind you like), salt and pepper to taste.

Fry or microwave your bacon while you bring to boil the chicken stock (or water if you rather). Add butter and grits to the boil. Stir and let cook until grits become thick. While you’re letting the grits cook, chop the bacon into little pieces. Back to the grits, remove from heat and stir in more butter, add the bacon pieces and cheese, salt, and pepper.