3 Time Saving Tips for Working Parents–Waste Less Time at Work, Get Home Faster

Want to see more accomplished at work? Try these tips to waste less work time, become more productive, and ultimately get you home faster.

1. Manage your e-mail and text messages. Cutting back on your e-mail and texting can save valuable time. Check your e-mail first thing in the morning and then limit the amount of times you check it throughout the day. If you spend long hours on your computer, minimize your e-mail to control your urges to check sporadically and stick to your predetermined schedule (even once an hour is better than 3 times every 15 minutes). If you receive a lot of e-mail or texts from one or two of the same people, wait until the end of the day to respond to all of their requests in one single e-mail or text. This will save you valuable time and help you be more productive.

2. Organize your paperwork and always look ahead. At work, put organized categories into colored coded folders for easy identification. File them within reach, and attach a note on the outside that simply explains what needs to be done and how urgently. This will keep all your important documents were you need them and help you prioritize what needs done when. Sometimes, your schedule or calendar becomes so overwhelmed that control just isn’t an option. To get back on track, take a few minutes the night before to review your upcoming schedule for the next day or two. This will help you spot any inconsistencies and sort things out before they become full blown issues.

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3. Leave work earlier. Working over your scheduled day cuts in to time for yourself and your family, so make a conscious effort to leave work on time. If your work is overwhelming and you just can’t seem to pull yourself away at the five o’clock bell, make a compromise with yourself. Give yourself one or two days of the week when it is okay to stay late, but on the other scheduled days be sacrilegious about walking out the door on time. Chitchatting with co-workers before clocking out or in the parking lot can take away precious minutes from your family time as well, especially if your commute is dependant on whether or not you can beat traffic. Once school starts and buses begin patrolling again, even that five minute well meaning chat can add as much as 15 or 20 minutes to your commute. Keep your eyes on the clock and always be prepared to walk out the door on time.