3 Top Community Colleges in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known as the entertainment capitol of the world, yet somewhat overlooked in the academic arena. Three unique community college programs are offered in this great county that are not readily available across the country.

1. Pierce College. Located in the tranquil San Fernando Valley at 6201 Winnetka ave, Woodland Hills, Ca 91371.
Telephone: (818)347-0551

Pierce College was founded in 1947 as an agricultural science institution. Today, this beautiful campus is home to a wide array of disciplines from liberal arts to technical and trade skills. The 424 acre campus lies in a forested area with botanical gardens, rose bushes and over 2,200 trees. Staying true to it’s agricultural and farming roots, Pierce College offers a Veterinarian Science Department suitable for transfer into a veterinarian medical school. A portion of this sprawling campus has been preserved to care for sheep, cattle and the horses at the equestrian center. To educate the community, these facilities are frequently opened to the public to bring to light the importance of animal care and awareness through interaction with the petting zoo and animal husbandry lectures.

Academically, Pierce College upholds a famous track record as the highest GPA’s earned from it’s transfer students into UCLA. Though students may transfer anywhere they like, a special affiliation is had with high calibre universities such as Cal Tech, UC Davis and UC Berkley.

The Pierce College tradition in community outreach includes fine programs such as P.A.C.E with offers accelerated weekend college for working individuals who cannot attend regular classes. This program is offered year round and designed for completion in 24 months. The ENCORE program extends the college’s academic excellence to seniors who would like to share in the scholar’s experience. There are no term papers or exams, just the joy of learning. And, finally, the Pierce Extension program is geared for children to gain an academic foothold on the arts and entertainment. Current classes offered are introduction to piano and drums.

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California residents pay $20 per unit and out of state tuition is set at $174 per unit. Full finacial aid is available to those who qualify.

2. Long Beach City College, located at 4901 E. Carson Street, Long Beach, Ca 90808.
Telephone: (562)938-4485

LBCC has a varied assortment of majors to choose from, but is most notable for it’s aviation programs. It offers what the U.S.government considers to be the best aviation mechanics program in the country. Founded in 1941, LBCC was chosen by the Civil Aeronautics Administration as the official technician training ground for the federal authorities to raise up new aviation maintenance workers. LBCC proudly continues that quest today as one the best aviation schools in the country.

In addition to the Aviation Maintenace Program, LBCC operates a Professional Pilot Certification program taking the student from ground zero to commercial pilot, including the CFI (Certified Flight Instructor). Nearby, at Long Beach Municipal Airport (walking distance from the college) are 6 flight schools to build air time towards the Commercial Pilot’s Degree, and the LBCC financial aid package will assist with some of the costly flight time.

In the athletics department, LBCC has everything you could want including a highly decorated Men’s Golf
team, boasting a seven-time state championship win. For the travel buffs, LBCC offers the Study Abroad program operating in China, Paris and the French Riviera, and Madrid, Spain. Contact Maueen E. Mason for further details at (562)938-3165. To complement the travel abroad program, LBCC offers intensive language programs in German, Italien, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

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3. Santa Monica College, located at 1900 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, Ca 90405
Telephone: (310)434-4000

SMC is situated less than 2 miles from the beach and the famed Santa Monica Pier, and has the largest international student base of any community college in the nation, with over 2500 students from over 100 countries. Part of the allure is SMC’s state -of -the- art facilities and beautiful coastal location.

SMC’s Academy of Entertainment and Technology Program provides it’s students with hands on working opportunities in Hollywood with top rated film and televsion corporations. Internships are provided when available, allowing the young film makers and digital media artists to gain technical experience. The Theatre Arts program is second to none with a hefty transfer ratio of one third of Julliard’s students being sent from SMC. Also, the department participates every year at the Kennedy Center’s Theatre Festival for Colleges and Universities. In addition to acting, SMC trains the best technicians is stage lighting, costume design, make-up, set design and sound design.

Summer abroad programs allow the students to travel to Europe with courses available for astronomy and Italien students in Florence, Italy. For music and English classes, SMC takes you to London or Paris at an all inclusive price of $4780 for studies, lodging and touring.

You may flex your verbal muscle at SMC’s no-nonsense language programs for rarely found classes in
Russian, Chinese, Hebrew and Persian. Coursework is designed to bring the student to fluency levels sufficient to transfer into a four year university in each respected language.

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For convenience and flexability, join over 5000 students who log on for extra credit with 41 majors offered online, ranging from film school to accounting. SMC’s fees are set at the California standard of $20 per unit for CA residents.