3 Top Men’s Hiking Boots for 2010

With all of the different brands, styles and features of hiking boots, it can be very hard to choose the best ones. While the brand and the style might be more of a personal preference, the features are what set some hiking boots apart from the others.

However, just like with anything else, features can also be a personal preference. Before you shop for any hiking boots, make sure that you’ve considered your particular needs and likes. Do you prefer low top boots to high top boots? Do you prefer an all leather boot as opposed to one that has fabric inserts?

There are basically three main types of hiking boots and each one is best for the particular type of hiking it’s designed for. Trail shoes are mainly meant for short hikes and aren’t an ideal choice for climbing hills and paths. Trail hikers are especially designed for long hikes, muddy terrain and steep trails. Mountaineering boots are perfect for navigating the sides of a mountain and are the best choice for anyone that does a lot of climbing.

Mountaingear.com offers the Explorer GTX hiking boots for $159.00. These hiking boots might just be so comfortable that you’ll want to wear them even when you’re not climbing trails. These midweight hikers have a waterproof Gore-Tex barrier that will keep your feet dry even in a downpour, yet allows air to circulate to evaporate interior sweat.

The Vibram rubber soles provide added traction and the sole features medium depth, sharp edged lugs that ensure a good grip. The tips of these hiking boots even have a sticky “Climbing Zone” at the tips of the toes to give even more traction. The boots have a soft nubuck exterior and full grain leather that adds a nice look to this sturdy hiking boot.

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Timberland has been a popular brand for years and their Chocorua Trail Hikers were so popular that they’ve had to make them available again this season. While these boots are perfect for hiking, they’re also great for any outdoor activity. They’re constructed of premium, full grain leather that is waterproof so that they’re comfortable and durable.

All of the seams are sealed with a special waterproof construction and they feature a Gore Tex membrane for added comfort. The Chocorua men’s hiking boots have a padded collar and tongue, an external heel covering and among other features, there’s a removable EVA footbed that adds comfort and allows for air circulation. These great men’s hiking boots are priced at $110.00.

If you need a hiking boot that can stand up to even the harshest hiking trail conditions, you should consider the La Sportiva Thunder II GTX hiking boots. These great boots feature a Vibram sole that provides an ultra stable grip and a Gore Tex lining that is waterproof and breatheable. The high quality leather adds durability and the boots have a half length steel shank that will provide added support for those longer trails. These boots are priced at $108.47.